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        Thank you for letting us know your experience and I hope you enjoy your NUC!

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          Actually, it seems we may have to keep this going if only to document what is going on.

          Corel went through a protracted and messy uninstallation process and eventually performed a clean installation only to get things back exactly as they were.

          In the end, the tech support chap said that VLC works because of "layers" that somehow make things work and that WinDVDPro does not use these but outputs the raw audio directly.

          Anyway, I am soon to try a clean re-installation of Windows 10 to see if that can help at all. I am all out of other ideas.

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            Recently bought a NUC6i7Y7K as a portable workstation which has worked out well except for HDMI audio issues. I am getting the sound dropouts as described in this forum - the sound dropouts briefly every few seconds on HDMI audio. No problems with analog audio or Bluetooth audio and HDMI video is fine. Previous to this NUC the setup worked fine with same HDMI cable.


            I have varied sampling rates using PulseAudio and VLC and can go from almost no sound out at high sampling rates (96000 and higher) to a dropout every few seconds (48100 sampling rate).


            The NUC is running Fedora 27 Linux. Firmware / Bios is version 50. As I am running Linux it looks there is no way to update the HDMI version, which is also a bit of a disappointment.


            The HDMI sound is not a huge issue for me as this is a work machine but wanted to post this info in case it's useful for anyone after spending some time trying to figure out what was happening.

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              OK, I finally bit the bullet and tried a re-installation of Windows 10 without preserving anything.

              Some notes from this:

              - I updated my RAID driver from Intel before the re-installation and this seems to have contributed to a much faster primary storage drive (I have two Intel 600p drives in RAID0).

              - General computer performance seems to be significantly improved and I am no longer being told to update drivers from Intel that are already up-to-date.

              - The computer fan is much more consistently quiet now with the same thermal profile as before (a custom one I created to favour keeping the processor at around 50°C).

              - The IR input now responds more reliably to power commands from my TV remote.

              - Bluetooth has fewer dropouts.

              - I had to fight to get my Razer Stargazer (Intel RealSense SR300) camera to work properly with Windows Hello, which seems to be driver related.

              - I can now keep the default setting for allowing applications to take exclusive control of the HDMI audio output and giving them priority without the video output also stuttering to a halt.

              - initially, WinDVD Pro12 had a much reduced instance of the audio glitching (same blip, but once every 30 seconds instead of once every couple of seconds). This was with me turning off exclusive application control, as I had it before.

              - After turning on exclusive mode, I now get the proper audio feed output from WinDVDPro (proper Dolby from the Blu-Ray) but with glitches at the rate I first complained about.

              - I no longer need to change audio modes after exiting WinDVD Pro 12 to recover the audio for other applications.


              It really does seem like there is some sort of driver issue at play here.

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                I solved this by using a USB C to HDMI adaptor. The audio glitch has now gone.

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                  May I ask which one did you buy? I'm running into a similar issue, thanks

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                    I am using a Club3D USB-C-to-HDMI 2.0 adapter (see here: Amazon.com: Club3D CAC-1504 USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter), am connected at 4K@60Hz and I have not seen any issues with audio at all.


                    Hope this helps,


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                      Awesome thanks a lot N.Scott.Pearson ! I heard it disables GPU acceleration when it's through USB C though, no idea if it's true? Gonna give it a try anyway!

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                        I have heard of issues when using external graphics card, but nothing affecting the use of DP through TBT3/USB-C port (and that's all we are doing, taking the DP stream on the TBT3/USB-C connector and converting it to HDMI). Where did you read about this issue?


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                          Oh actually mine is a NUC7 with a HDMI output and no displayport, will it still keep the integrated GPU acceleration if I use a USB-C to HDMI adapter instead of the native HDMI port ? Thanks



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                            There have been no acceleration issues that I have heard. al hill (Doc) is playing with an adapter (MST Hub) that allows him to connect two HDMI monitors via the USB-C connector (allowing a total of three monitors to be connected to the BN NUC). I would think that he would notice if acceleration was disabled (Al?).



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                              Al Hill

                              I have not seen any issues.  And, I am very pleased with that MST hub. 



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                                N.Scott.Pearson al.hill OK thanks guys I just ordered one!

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