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    Random Crashes


      Bought an Intel Compute Stick (32GB, Win 10 Home) last week.  Connected to an older Sony TV and use the USB power adapter.


      Updated Windows 10.  Installed Office 365.  Installed a 128 GB microSD card.


      Used for a two hour meeting last week.  Logged into QuickBooks Online with Firefox - no problems.


      Tonight, I used it for another meeting.  I downloaded a Microsoft Word file from a Gmail account.  I then used Microsoft Word to edit the file.  During the 2 hour meeting, the Intel Compute Stick would just randomly crash - shut itself down, go through the BIOS startup, and then load windows.  It probably happened a dozen times during the meeting.


      I felt the device - it is not overly warm.  The power adapter is room temperature.


      Any ideas on what is happening?