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        My comments are: (a) in both cases, the processor didn't get hot enough to worry about (these are still fat, dumb and happy temperatures for the processor; worry if the temperatures are reaching above, say, 90c) and (b) the minor difference in performance likely results from the greater number of background (maintenance) tasks constantly running in Windows 10.



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          I agree with what your saying this test didn't stress the CPU but what it is strange is the fact a OS that is not supported can get similar scores and also have less spikes when opening programs also the fact that idle temps are 5c lower if not more on my setup ON 8.1. Obviously windows 10 is a bloated mess and i think that's playing part in the temp spikes its not the whole picture but the problem is more evident on windows 10 OS.

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            Well, I have been saying it was a bloated mess since the preview versions first appeared - and it has only gotten worse with each subsequent update (Spyware *does* take a lot of CPU cycles, after all).


            Lately though (especially with the Fall Creator's Update), it has reached the point where, with a 7th gen Core i7 NUC (NUC7i7BNH, which has Core i7-7567U), a system sitting idle could still see temperature spikes sufficient to cause (require) fan response. As to what it is in the background that is causing this, I am unsure. I regularly listen to the NUC while working on other systems and, when it spikes, I jump on to see what caused the spikes. Unfortunately, I am usually too late; nothing stands out...



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              I'm going to jump in on the bandwagon also as someone who just purchased the i7-7700K and am very unhappy with the temperature spikes. I upgraded my NAS from an i5 to the i7-7700K for the extra threads and speed increase. I am NOT overclocking this processor. I am seeing spikes of 20 - 30C. I am running some computational intensive tasks (BOINC) and I see the temperature range from 50C to 78C. I have BOINC set up to use 75% of the processors 50% of the time. With these task running it should reach a certain temperature and stay there and not fluctuate so much.  The temperature spikes are causing havoc on the fans. They ramp up to full speed then slow down then up again and then down again, repeat. I wish I had seen this thread and the dozens of others out there before I purchased this.


              @Intel - It looks like Intel has know about this for a while. Are you planning on addressing this? If not can I send my i7-7700K to Intel in exchange for an i7-7700? I'll take lower speeds over one with wild temperature spikes..

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                For someone who has come from using the i7-4790K, i7-6700K and now the i7-7700K, the increased idle and load temps even if within specs is not welcome. I didn't pay extra for cooling to have the CPU operate at a higher temperature.


                We need a solution not a short fix like AVX offset,  etc.

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                  Never pass 63 C  after change manual vcore and ppl oc, turbo disable. I think I should have better temps if i don't use only 1 fan on liquid block cause of motherboard memory not permit to put second fan. I have ****** airflow also in case, 1 fan 120!

                  Procesor: i7700k / 4.2 stock

                  Cooler: FROSTFLOW+240  http://www.idcooling.com/Product/detail/id/112/name/FROSTFLOW+%20240  pretty cheap but good

                  Thermal paste: Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Grizzly High Performance Cooling Solutions - Conductonaut

                  Motherboard: MSI z270 GAMING m6 ac

                  I see something interesting on youtube, a guy show it exist difference  in temeprature with different motherboards. I think I was wise with what I chose!

                  Time: 3:11 show what i say!

                  Hope this will help you!

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                    I see the exact same issue with the XEON E3-1505M v5.  There is no doubt in my mind that these are not real temperatures and something else is being reported by the processor.


                    This is a brand new HP Zbook 15 G3.


                    any processor load over 13% causes temperature to jump to 100 Deg C instantly.  Air exhausted by fan is not hot.  Here is plot of processor load (%) vs CPU package temperature (Deg C)


                    Here is the same data as a time history

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                      i have the same problems..


                      i have Asus IX hero Motherboard

                      32GB RAM Corsair

                      Corsair H115i Liquid Cooler

                      i7 7700K


                      if i go to the Bios i have hide temperature on cpu 90 degree, if i boot the systems. i have a 40 - 60 sometime 75 - 100,



                      i reinstall de bios and upgrade, the last version, i rebuild and check everting on computer.

                      i reinstall the system w10, all drivers, and i have the same problem.


                      i check the cooler is fine , i check the thermal past is fine,  everthing is fine ... ..


                      this computer is new, i have 3 month , and i have this problems maybe 2 weeks ago..


                      i reconfigure the bios in CPU Core/Cache voltage to Manual and enter in 1.15v - 1.20v


                      but always when i go to the bios i see my cpu how incremment the temperature ..


                      helpme i dont know whats to do...!!

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                        As i sayd, there are two issues on i7-7700k:


                        1) TIM fault and the gap betwen the IHS and the PCB

                        2) Motherboards bad voltages.


                        To fix the first issue just delid the CPU and change the TIM with a good one (with liquid metal TIM you will lower temps)

                        To fix the second issue just follow my old post, changing bios voltages. Many user fixed it in that way.

                        It is important to change not only the Vcore value but also CPU PLL OC, IO and SA!

                        As you can see most of users on this thread has 20 degrees lower temps and reduced spikes just setting the mobo as i ve summarized above!


                        Spikes reduces from 30°-70° (40° spikes) to 30°-40° (10° spikes, as yours) opening a browser.

                        Max temp goes from 90° to 70°. Ten degrees spikes are normal for this kind of processor, because it reduces multiplier to x8, instead of x16, so when you use it opening a browser it goes from 800mhz to 4500mhz.

                        I have also delidded with liquid metal so my max temp is like 45°, and i have at maximum 2° to 3° degrees spikes.


                        If your motherboard has CPU PLL OC setted to 0.950 so it is not overvolting, but most of motherboards set it to 1.250/1.300v with any reason, as you can read from users above.

                        What it is not normal at all is having 30°/40° spikes: that happens to users who have CPU PLL OC overvolted, usually they have also 90°+ overheating during tests.

                        Setting the mobo as i summarized fix these issues, and for better performances, you can delid and change TIM with some liquid metal, reaching lowest temps, and lowest spikes as possible.


                        I ve tested it on three i7 7700k and it solve issues for all.

                        I repeat all values:


                        1) Vcore for stock settings must be 1.200v. When you see more then 1.200v so your motherboard is overvolting your Vcore.

                            Stock frequency is 4.2ghz up to 4.5ghz with turbo boost.

                        2) If you do not see adaptive mode so your motherboard does not support it. So you ve to use the old way (offset or fixed).

                        3) IO and SA settings (these are called in different ways in different BIOS, like CPU IO, VCCIO, etc) must be under 1.050v.

                        4) CPU PLL OC (that in your bios is called VCCPLL OC) must be under 1.100 as datasheet says (some user here is stable at 1.080v, i am stable at 1.050v).


                        If you have different values, like your Vcore and your CPU PLL OC at 1.250v your motherboard is overvolting.

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                          Asus IX Hero

                          32GB RAM Corsair

                          Corsair H115i Liquid Cooler

                          i7 7700K

                          -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

                          friend, for your help.

                          unfortunately I have not been able to solve it, because if it were the processor or the thermal paste of the processor I would overheat in the operating system.

                          my computer only heats up generally when I'm in the bios configurations and reaches up to 89 to 100

                          and within the system it can sometimes reach 100 but it is more controllable ...

                          it is usually between 60 to 79 ...



                          today I made the configurations you told me again, since on another occasion the voltage had changed but I still had the same problem ...


                          intel has not given me an answer.

                          Asus already have time not to answer me ...!


                          honestly I'm very stressed and sad the truth I do not know what to do ... I've done everything ...

                          You have some video where I can see the settings maybe I am the one that I configure wrong I do not know.


                          maybe you can help me ...


                          update the bios, change the operating system, clean and put new thermal paste., call intel, call asus and nothing. I put the default bios, probe the RAM memories, also remove the graphics card, and you should only empty the motherboard and nothing. even remove the hard drives, and it always gets hot.

                          the computer is new, they do not have more than 6 months and 1 month ago I have this problem.


                          thank you

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                            I would make sure the cooler studs are not loose,if that is fine then the cooler is the problem, time for a cooler RMA.

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                              Hey all, I also have a I7-7700k bought last July. I do not have the high temp issues which at first I thought was because I prepped my cpu with a thin layer of paste before adding a dab and seating my EVGA CLC 280 water cooler. However my concern my be related because I suffer random freezing with my CATERR light coming on. I wont go thru all the hardware changes and tests I have done for the past 9 months but the fact my cpu doesnt go above 59C while stress testing with turbo on may be a sign something is wrong in this case after reading almost all the posts here. My dimm voltage is high at 1.376 which isnt horrible but the VSA at 1.260 and VCCIO at 1.232 is troubling. Just to rule out cpu temp as a negative I will post my specs hoping someone else might have similar temps and specs.


                              I7-7700K stock

                              EVGA Z270 Classified K (which is warrantied for overclocking)

                              G-skill TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM 3200 PC4-25600 Memory F4-3200C16D-16GTZSK

                              EVGA CLC 280 Liquid / Water CPU Cooler

                              EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0+


                              Not posting this to discuss my freezing issue so please if possible I would like to know if someone with same cpu , motherboard and cooler are having the same results keeping temps low or if as I suspect my cpu is suffering from weak voltage internally which the high VCCIO points to, (from what I have read)

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                                I solved my issue with changing maximum cpu level from power settings in windows. İt is set to %100 and changing it to 99 or 90 solves it. It is not a solution but its better no spikes than small loss, at least for me. Intel is faulty. I hope this helps to someone.

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                                  I also have an i7- 7700K with themal spiking.

                                  So I was wondering if the spiking problem is fixed on the i7 -8700K series? So before I upgrade....



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                                    7700K warm more than other his a fact and I am aware of it and I is not really successful has to settle problem my I the good to relieve if he can help. Because my real problem was that without overclock I was 82 ° unless 70 % of use 98°max I have to look for a very long time and I is unfortunately to find no answer which can help me on behalf of manufacturer .. After several look for on forum I have to decide to try the delid, and the big surprise! The thermal dough was very bad to apply and of very bad quality it was not present only on them

                                    Extremity of the die and anything in the center here is a photo to sadden for the quality ..?


                                    Later délid with some good liquid metallic thermal dough I have finally overclock 7700k and I arrive now in 4,9ghz with one tension of 1.39v and 78 ° in maximum use with prime95 and stable 100 %. I hope that he can help my I do not find his normal especially to price! I have to find the application of the very shameful thermal dough and of trés bad quality and not only for me my as well for all the others processor as I had the ocasion of delid .. Intel made an effort! The difference of temperature is so enormous that I have to decide to inform on takes place because I really have at the middle time to find and to settle problem. Good luck to all. sorry for the translation im french.