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    Intel Driver & Support Assistant loops to home page even when update ready


      DSA has installed OK on my new build i3-8100/Asus Prime Z370-P system. If you ask it to check for updates, it just takes you to the DSA install home page which is very confusing. After a few days, the tray icon now reports one update is needed. But when you open the tool, it still takes you to the same home page and not to a page where you can download or install. Nor has it downloaded anything itself, even though the log file confirms an update. Browser is Chrome on Win 10 Home Build 16299. Log file attached.


      PS: I have logged this as a support ticket as this forum did not seem to be available when I tried earlier. Apologies for the duplication.


      UPDATE by NF 8 Nov 3pm GMT: I have had a call from Intel support as a result of the ticket who say that IDSA should ideally not be used for non-Intel motherboards, as the standard Intel drivers may have been modified by the motherboard manufacturer. So in my case, they advise that I should get updates only from Asus support. This sounds reasonable, but I can find nothing on the IDSA home page or FAQs to warn anyone of this which seems a rather important omission. Nor does it explain why IDSA keeps looping to its install page which many others seem to report, but as I am now advised not to use it, I'll leave it to others to resolve .... PPS: I don't use a proxy and I did not have DUU installed previously.

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          Hi NigelF:  Our IDSA team released an updated version of IDSA earlier this week on Tuesday December 5th.  This newest version is and has some UI enhancements and fixes to stop the looping back to the install page that some users were experiencing.


          Some users systems may have customized drivers pre-installed by the computer manufacturer, so that may be why you were directed to the Asus site for driver support.  Our IDSA v3.1 application can still be utilized to scan systems for any drivers supported by Intel but also provides system information to users (which v3.0 did not offer). The scan will not offer driver updates if the system detects customized drivers installed by the computer manufacturer.  



          Monique with Intel Corporation