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    PCI-e 8 pin power from a P4304XXMUXX


      My system is a P4304XXMUXX chassis with an S2600STB motherboard, 750W Intel PSU and a Xeon Gold 6148 (only 1 CPU so far)

      I have a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 in the 5+6 PCI-e socket position.

      The GPU uses 150W, but according to the S2600STB specs it only provides 75W on the PCI-e socket, thus I need to supply power to the PCI-e 8 pin connector on the GPU.

      Of course the 750W PSU is no where near the limit so I should be able to provide the 150W to the GPU with appropriate cables.


      The options I guess I have are:

      1) Does Intel sell cables for this? The power board in the chassis has 5 unused 4 pin sockets - does Intel sell a cable to connect from these to the PCI-e 8 pin connector on the GPU?

      I can't seem to find the details of the P4304XXMUXX power board anywhere showing the limits of the sockets.


      2) Should I use a standard double molex to PCI-e 8 cable I can get online and run that off the available molex connectors in the front of the chassis?

      I'm not sure of the power available from these. I currently only have two 256GB Samsumg SSDs connected to the molex leads at the front of the chassis.


      3) Should I just make a cable myself? (yes this would be easy enough if I could find the specs of the limits of the 5 sockets on the chassis power board)


      Thanks for any help on this.