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    Bluetooth Pairing doesn't work


      So this issue has been bugging me for a while now but I have ignored it for the most part as I have always found another way to get my stuff going. However, now I have tried to pair about five different Bluetooth devices and I am convinced that my Nuc's BT is broken. My device is a Nuc 6i3SYH with all the latest drivers (re-)installed.


      The Bluetooth problem is basically that its range is atrocious. For the Nuc to find the devices I want to pair, the have to be in DIRECT proximity of the computer. Even 10cm away is not working as the devices will not be found. Needless to say, should I manage to get the pairing done, once I take the respective device further away the connection is lost instantaneously. So far I have tried a BT mouse, a BT keyboard, a Dualshock 4, a BT remote and my Bose QC35. The Nuc works with none of them.


      I am kind of pessimistic about finding a solution but if there is one, you are welcome to tell me about it. Help me Intel Community - you are my only hope.



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          Have you opened your chassis and verified that both antenna leads are properly connected to the wireless card? This card is permanently affixed to the board and is underneath the M.2 NVMe/SATA SSD.


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            1. Is your bios updated? Download BIOS Update [SYSKLi35.86A]

            2. Pleas check if bluetooth is enabled in bios: Advanced->Devices->Onboard Devices->Bluetooth (enter bios by pressing F2 during boot).



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              Scott! You were so right! One of these cables was in fact loose. I would have never imagined for it to be that kind of issue as it just seemed to be a matter of range.




              Now that I have plugged the loose cable back in and the 'range issue' is fixed, I still can't connect any of my devices as I only get an error saying: "Couldn't connect. Try connecting again." I get this with every single device I try to pair. I have tried installing the new BIOS version, which was also suggested. I have tried rebooting, disabling and re-enabling BT in BIOS and reinstalling the BT driver. Nothing helped... This is driving me nuts.



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                Grrrrr, three steps forward, two steps back...


                As I have said in a couple of similar discussions, Microsoft's updates have this nasty habit of screwing up drivers - and especially that for Bluetooth. In previous guidance, it was recommended that you (a) disable all internet access, (b) completely uninstall both the Bluetooth and WiFi drivers, (c) reboot, (d) reinstall the Bluetooth and WiFi drivers using the latest packages available on the Intel site and (e) reboot again. Try Bluetooth connections then.


                If this works, then go ahead and re-allow internet connection. If you then see these drivers being updated and the newer drivers screw up Bluetooth again, then block the update(s) for these drivers from being installed subsequently and repeat the above process (I am hoping you know enough about Windows Update to be able to accomplish this).



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                  Hello NucLovin,


                  This is to do a follow up on your case and find out if you were able to proceed with the latest recommendations from peers and how they went.


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