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    Realsense plugin for unreal engine not building


      Hi i'm trying to install the realsense plugin for ue 4.15 but I'm not able to build the plugin. I have an R200 camera, 2016 R2 plugin and visual studio 2017.


      I have an R200 camera, 2016 R2 sdk on windows 10 (couldn't find 2016 R1 sdk as suggested in the github page)  and visual studio 2017.


      Please let me know if there is a way to get it to work.


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          The Unreal Engine plugin for RealSense unfortunately stopped working properly from the R2 SDK onwards, and the author of the plugin said that they no longer had the free time to update it.  R2 is fully compatible though with the Unity engine if it is possible for you to change engines for your project.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            I don't think I'll be able to change to unity at this point.

            Do you think i can get hold of the R1 sdk from somewhere?

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              Intel retired the R1 and earlier SDKs because of a potential security vulnerability, so it's extremely hard to find a working download link now.  Only Chinese sites seem to still host it, and these sources are too risky to casually click on download links without knowing what you are downloading, so I do not know if the links work as advertised.  If you want to research the topic yourself at your own risk, preferably from a reliable source, the R1 SDK (also known as R6) has the following filename:




              Edit: I had an idea that may help you and keep you safe from risky sites if you really need Unreal Engine compatibility.  Although SR300 camera support was not introduced til 2016 R1 (making it hard to use UE with RealSense due to this SDK being so hard to find), the fact you are using the R200 may give you a chance for success.  This is because the Intel China servers (a very trustable source) still have a download for the old R2 2015 SDK, where R200 support was first introduced.


              The link is 1.3 gb and very, very slow downloading, so I recommend launching the download in your browser automatically and then going off and doing something else for a while til the download is complete.  As I said, pre-2016 R2 SDKs are no longer recommended for use, but you may be okay so long as you avoid using the web-related parts of the SDK in your project (e.g Javascript and Java).  I would rather you download from this safe source than somewhere else. 



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                Ah damn, so my SR300 just isn't going to work with FaceShift at all then?


                In that case I will send it back. I have ordered an Asus XTion Pro so hopefully that will work. If not then I'll sell that and see if I can buy an R200 from somewhere and use your links (thanks very much for those by the way).


                It is FaceShift you are using isn't it? Do you know if the 2015.1 version (that I have) was the latest that was available on their website? I've seen video demos as recently as last month of people using RealSense with FaceShift, so there must be some newer version knocking around somewhere, what do you think?

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                  There is little chance of finding the more recent 2015 SDKs, or the 2016 R1 one.  The only reason the Intel China one exists is that it was the final version before Intel introduced the separate DCM driver program, I believe, so it was no longer possible to distribute the entire SDK in a single file on a download mirror website.. The purpose of that alternative mirror site was for Chinese users who were having trouble downloading the SDK from the usual link.


                  I think the most popular RealSense camera for use with Faceshift was the original F200 model, though that has long been unavailable for purchase.


                  The R200, along with the SR300, is about to be retired (there is currently a $99 sale in Intel's online store that runs out on September 30).  So you may not be able to obtain a new R200 if you do not purchase one now, unfortunately.


                  I just remembered that there was an SR300 user who said they had managed to use their SR300 with Faceshift, and listed the precise software configuration on their machine.


                  Re: SR300 not working with Asus laptop

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                    Excellent, thanks!


                    I will see if I can find those exact versions when I get home later.

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                      Fantastic. I have everything working now and it's excellent!

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                        That's awesome news, thanks for the confirmation of the method!  I will make a new post to let people know.  Thanks again!