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    Intel IOT IDE for Galileo


      Hi, I'm trying to get the Intel IOT dev environment up and running on my Mac (running Sierra 10.12.6) so I can create some C code applications to run on my Gen 2 Galileo.


      I'm new to the Galileo, and I've found the learning curve pretty steep so far, but have managed to get an SD card image working with the Arduino IDE and run some basic programmes, USB audio, and SSH, SFTP etc.


      Now I'm ready for the next challenge and need to run native C code on the Galileo.


      I'm trying to do this via installing the Intel IOT platform on Mac OSX, but I'm at the stage where I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall (and i know this is part of the process... . )


      The specific issues I'm stuck on include:


      (1) when I run the IOT installer, it won't recognise that I have an appropriate version of Java installed (I have JDK 9);

      (2) the IOT installer complains of not being able to find Ostro or Yocto images to download; and

      (3) when I launch the IOT IDE, it brings up Eclipse, which just hangs at the "select a home folder" stage.


      Has anyone else been able to get the Intel IOT IDE up and running on a Mac? With Docker and Eclipse?


      Thank you in advance!