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    NUC5CPYH Infrared Sensor


      My NUC was submerged in historic Louisiana flood. I let it dry, took apart, cleaned it, and to my surprise it started working. With one exception - the infrared sensor. It is recognized by OS, it just does not receive anything. I can see corrosion damage on sensor. Question: Does anyone know where from to get replacement sensor?

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          The biggest problem with replacing the IR sensor is getting a part number from Intel. The helpful people here may be able to get it. Then (maybe) you can find the part listed by Digikey or some other part vendor.  Maybe you already tried this but just in case I would try to remove the NUC and open it up. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub the sensor and leads with alcohol. Allow time for it to dry out before reassembling. If you can, I would verify that the remote is also working.


          Good luck!


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            Hi Segfault,

            I deeply sorry to hear about this problem. Several people have been affected by nature lately.

            Please check your inbox, I have sent a private message.


            Allan J.