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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager shows "Rebuild" after primary disk replaced


      This issue is seen in the HP BIOS upon entering <ctrl-I>.  I had a Windows boot issue with RST and was forced to roll-back the RST and Wix tools installation, see below.


      HP Z600 Workstation

      Win 10 Professional

      Dual XEON E5506 @ 2.13 GHz

      HP PCB Fab Rev 1.0, SN PBBKQAJCY0E0BU, AS# 460840-003 REV AJ

      System BIOS 786G4 v03.12

      Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller

      RAID volume RAID1_v1, SATA RAID Level 1

      Volume 0: Model WD3200AAKS Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 Gb HD (replacement drive)

      Volume 1: Model WD3200AAKX Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 Gb HD (original secondary drive)


      Z600 starts normally in BIOS

      After Ctrl-I, Intel Matrix Storage Manager has marked the RAID1_v1 volume with "REBUILD" status.  States the OS will rebuild the volume.

      Upon Exit, Windows starts normally, but on consecutive restarts Intel Matrix Storage Manager still shows RAID1_V1 degraded with "REBUILD" status.


      At first it did not seem Windows was rebuilding the array.


      Intel Article ID: 000005775, "Rebuilding Degraded RAID Volume After Failed Drive Is Replaced" gives these steps:

      1. Turn on the system.

      2. Click Start.

      3. Click All Programs.

      4. Click Intel.

      5. Click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.

      6. Click Rebuild to another disk.

      7. Select the replacement hard drive and click Rebuild.


      Downloaded current Intel Rapid Storage Technology package SetupRST.zip, and installed.


      Following install, Z600 boots into critical error "Cannot access boot volume" after 10-15 minutes.  Restart from error this brings up Windows Repair.


      Restored the system to my last restore point from Windows Repair advanced options. The RST installation was rolled back and Windows now boots, but I have the original problem with the persistent "Rebuild" status.  At this point I believe this is a "stuck" status in Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  Is there a way to clear this status without installing RST?