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        The only thing you can do is adjust your fan curve.

        Your PC is pre-build, so you should not open it by yourself.


        Intel has f@cked up with 7th gen of CPUs, and doesn't want to admit it.

        And ofcourse, the 8th gen will not work on z170/z270 mobos, so we won't be able to replace these crapy CPUs with new 8700k.

        I have replaced my 7700k with another one, but they are the same.

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          The question is to what?

          I`m doing Photoshop and Lightroom work with pretty large files.

          My workhorse is a 10 year old Mac Pro 1.1 with 2x 2.66GHz Dual Core Intel Xeon which are still good and reliably working.

          The funny thing is, that I didn`t change because of speed, but because I cannot update my OSX any more ;-)


          Intel! What do you suggest,

          because I do not want to take part in the game: Never mind,

          you`ve got warranty for three years with Apple Care

          and afterwards you buy a new one?


          The really ennoying thing is that Apple must have known about these heat spikes,

          and they released their Kaby Lakes with much praise at the end of June!

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            Intel said, that any behavior below 100c is normal, so nobody will do anything with our complaints.

            Even if CPU will spike from -99 to 99c every second, this is still in the "safe zone".


            They just want us to buy the new CPUs and not bother them.

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              Haha...changing bios values...lower cpu v...you are talking to an Apple user... ;-) the only Apple user who has this problem....according to Apple support :-)

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                Well, first you must be sure that this isn't true! Perhaps your computer has, really, some problem (in this case, Apple must answer). Anyway, if you have read this threat, you had seen that this Cpu temp problem is about Cpu overvoltage; so, I don't know if possible to change for you, and also I don't know which values are the best for you (here, I think lot of us have used 'try and check' method).

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                  Thank you Dan escpecially and the others answering me so quickly...you are really very supportive to keep containance and humor up!

                  Thank you.

                  I found something maybe for me interesting:

                  The IMac seems to Turbo-Boost automatically, which I didn`t know,have to verify this...maybe that explains my up to 100 degrees at Benchmark Test?!

                  Escepially when Intel told customers not to overclock?!

                  Have to verify this...

                  How To Enable Or Disable Turbo Boost On Mac | Redmond Pie

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                    I just wanted to share I figured out my problem. Before I get started let me state this is going to be a long post.



                    MSI z170a

                    i7 6700k

                    Asus 480 gpu

                    Corsair 16 Gb 2800 Ram

                    Antec 1250 cooler


                    The problem:

                    temperature spikes

                    During these spikes my games would hang for a second. Very annoying.

                    Launching anything on my PC would cause spikes to be random 50-29-45-64 all in one second


                    What I tried:

                    Different quantities of thermal paste. A lot, a little, the x layout etc. I got tired of doing over and over again- it was not the problem

                    Different Ram - not the problem

                    Different cooler - Nope

                    Different voltage as people recommended - Some what helped

                    Clean windows install and instantly load all my programs - Not fixed


                    So what Fixed it?

                    I finally did a clean windows install and started loading one program at a time. My temperatures idle at 29 and don't jump around. My games don't have any hang and play smooth. So I think somewhere there is a program I use that cause this.


                    Here is a list of the programs I have installed so for and I get NO spikes.



                    GPU tweak

                    Antec Grid

                    Asus Aurora

                    Unreal Engine


                    Here is a list of all the Programs I had installed when I was getting spikes and Hang in my Games. I will monitor my computer as I install one by one to figure out what is causing this.



                    Poser 11

                    Vegas Studio suite 10

                    Music Maker

                    Vue Frontier

                    3d studio max 2017

                    Msi live update


                    Google backup


                    Visual Basics


                    I am sure there are more but I can't recall them right now. When they were all installed I had a lot of task but what stood out the most was a multiple Chromium task that I could not kill. They would just keep coming up and they them selfs would have random CPU usage. They would jump around from 2% to 10%. I don't know what app they are associated with.


                    Now I don't know if this is an intel problem not handling the programs right or if this is a just a bad program I am loading. I am not to tech savy as some of you so I just wanted to share what I have found so far. I just hope its not an essential program I need for school that conflicts with my gaming.


                    Anyways with what I have installed so far I temps idle at 28-29 and 34 when I turn on MSI game boost. No spikes just yet.

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                      I just want to put my experience on the record to help verify this.

                      I too built a new computer about 4-5 months back. All new stuff, every part.



                      MSI Gaming 5 z270

                      32gb Corsair Vengance LED 3200

                      SanDisk Ultra II 480gb SSD

                      Corsair h100i v2

                      Nvidia GTX 1080 Founders Edition

                      Corsair RM750i PSU



                      I would also like to say that I have, at no point, overclocked this CPU. In fact I have UNDERclocked it to try and see if that helped but alas the only thing that changed was my framerate, temps were still unstable.



                      I bought two intel 7700k processors, one for me and one for my friends build. He is using the H100i v1 and gets about 80c in battlefield 1 on high (not ultra) (still not great, but acceptable)



                      I have tested this cpu on a veriety of games (both high and ultra), and I'v had to go into the bios and set my 7 fans ( yes 7 ) including the pump to 100% in order to get it to stay at 80-90c in battlefield 1.

                      In overwatch, witcher, hitman, and basically any modern game on both DX12 and OGL frameworks im looking at 80c MINIMUM at idle.

                      this...is not right, I suspect I'v been sold a skylake that has been factory overclocked to its max and a K slapped on it as a practical joke to intels (soon not to be) loyal users...as have we all...but more importantly than that I'v also lost the silicon lottery far below what should have been allowed by quality assurance.

                      UserBenchmark says it performs WAY below expectations and I agree.



                      I'm not getting spikes, I'm getting solid bad temps that then also have horrible dangerous 90+ spikes

                      And before attempts are made to say iv done something wrong. I'v repasted with 3 different types of paste, temps are the same every time.

                      Yes the backplate is on correctly.

                      Yes iv tried a fresh copy of windows with nothing but nvidia drivers and the games.

                      this is not on me or my system. Iv checked everything from board shorts all the way down to a multimeter on my PSU. My build is solid.



                      I'v owned intel processors since the pentium II and I think that as a person who has easily given them several thoursads of $$ over the years, the fact that this issue isn't being addressed is deplorable.



                      At this point I'm going to attempt an RMA as should you all. Even if they send the same thing back the point here is that you don't get to resell me a skylake and you don't get to charge me a car payment for a defective processor.



                      let me say that again because I mean it, *DEFECTIVE*



                      I should also point out that I owned the first athelon as well and at this point if this doesn't get fixed I have no other option but to switch over to Ryzen.

                      Not a fanboy in the slightest, haven't owned one since phenom series but at this point you have to respect a company that makes a good product and you can't condone this kind of behaviour from a major company like this especially when their answer to thousands and thousands of complaints is a very round about "we don't care cause we have your money"

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                        Guys I need some help on my i7 7700k I don’t want to read all the page, someone can explain me what to do on the bios ? I have a gigabyte z270x Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

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                          Because you want to...what? If it's overclock your processor, you are on your own; Intel does not support overclocking attempts.


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                            no i dont want to overclock i want to fix my temperature

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                              Hello Andrew, your post seems really useful, but i need help how to setup this in asus motherboard prime z270-p.


                              Can anyone make a simple tutorial for asus motherboards?


                              Thank you!

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                                same issues on i5 7600 kabylake.

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                                  ASUS should own that tutorial; its their design and their BIOS...


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                                    Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.10 -

                                    Hi guys i did a quick benchmark test on my windows 10 pc and a windows 8.1 both clean installs on a split partition to see the comparison between the two the left is windows 10 the right 8.1, there is not a big difference in the score but it did surprise me that the OS that is not supported got the better score not by much but still higher and while just browsing the web and opening programs on the 8.1 install the fans didn't kick in half as much i think windows 10 is part of the issue with the temp spikes, i upgraded my pc in April due to new windows 10 updates killing my 4770k(working now on windows 7 build) so i am aware of what windows 10 can do to systems these comparisons have probably all ready been made so apologies if that's the case and i am fully aware 8.1 is not supported just wanted to see the difference.