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        Just wanted to thank all those who helped me finding out a workaround for this problem.
        The motherboard was indeed overvolting the CPU by default.
        Your advice doesn't help OCing those so called "K" processors, but it helps slowing down the fans and opening Firefox quietly.


        For those who may stumble accross this thread searching for infos on i5 7600k's temps & fan going crazy, it's the same. I'm not able to offer you exact optimized vcore or CPU PLL OC values, but for those who have a Gigabyte Z270 mobo, simply switching from "auto" to "normal" in M.I.T BIOS - section CPU voltages - does the trick.
        Was ~38°C idle + 20°C spikes before, now, lowest CPU Core is at... 8°C (hotter is around 22°C). Spikes are smaller and don't matter with such a baseline.


        Anyway, thanks again.

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          It's obvious, that CPU core cannot be at 8c...

          I think, that this BIOS "optimization" doesn't actually make the CPU that much cooler.

          With 8-22c idle temps, it all looks like a some sort of wrong sensor data.

          It's a good thing, that fans don't whine anymore, but for this reason you can adjust the fan curve.

          I have shown mine many pages ago... the fan ramping starts at ~55c, so that spikes do not affect rpms, while there is no actual load.

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            Well I found a firm solution for all 7700k issues I could potentially have had. The answer was having twins.. now i never have time to even touch the machine with the 7700k in it. Maybe in a year or so when I can use my PC again there will be a solution for the spikes, but as it stands my 7700k stays at room temperature 24/7. 

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              Thank you a lot to all, but specially to AndrewRossi, jonemac, krissu86pl, Dimitry and Lucky-Strike. I have Gigabyte mobo too, and I have got, at last, the best (not perfect, but I can live with) of possible solutions using your values (also after 'fixing' F7 bios update, that gave me another software issues...). Ops, and I don't want to forget my last message: f.ck you, Intel.

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                I have the exact same problem and it has been stressing me right out. I own the 7740x  <----- (i know I am a total idiot for buying it)  so please do not call me out I already know it is a rip re-brand of a 7700k for more money. Anyways I have a brand new system that cost huge dollars Corsair 570x , i7 7740k <-- I know , I know , 32 gig of DDR4 gskill, evga geforce 1080 sc, blah blah lot of other expensive stuff and my CPU is the only thing that scares me. I even went to water cooling which I have not done ever in my 15 years of building Intel based machines. This processor purchase was my biggest mistake ever as I was under the impression KabyLake was good and they had refined the chip and claimed better temps. Every time I check my temps they are different but mainly on idle I get jumps from 27 c - 61 c and under Intel Benchmark I get up to 83 c YIKES!. Any other chip I owned was consistent and trustworthy but this thing seems like a rush job with corners cut because of a stare down by AMD. I can not exchange my processor obviously because it had been opened so I will wait until this thing melts itself doing basic tasks and then switch to AMD until I grow old enough not to care anymore. Intel lost a 15 year cash leaking customer because of minor greed which to me makes no sense at all. Also to anyone caring about stocks here is some advise .... Intel is going to plummet through the ground soon and AMD will rise like a phoenix so if anyone wants to make some easy money invest in AMD NOW! This happens to all companies that get cocky then insult their biggest spenders with gimmicks like "X" series processors that have been neutered and even being hailed as "stand in chips" so you can upgrade to something good later, which is so insulting for 450$. Peace out forever Intel!

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                  Congrats on your twins, TGrable!


                  Mary Taylor

                  Support Community Manager

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                    Hi guys.



                    It has been a long time since the last time I've been here.


                    Just want everyone to know I just risked everything and exchanged my CM 212 evo for a Kraken X42 and dellided my chip.


                    My unit is not one of the best overclocker because it needs about 1.9vcore to stay stable @5ghz




                    4.7Ghz@1.28v -  max temps of 77C and 80C while running AVX stress tets.




                    5Ghz@ 1.39v (adaptive) . ax temps 69C and 73C running avx stress tests.


                    If my chip was a litlle bit better and could maintain an 5Ghz OC under 1.35V I wouldnt need the AIO because after the delid and using the 212 evo temps were a bit high (85C max while running AVX) but Vcore is high on my chip.


                    So just want to say.. dont be affraid and delid those bastards. it's really worth it.





                    PS: Tgrable, Congratulations on the Twins!! Wish you a happy family!

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                      My specs :

                      I7 7700k, GTX1080 gaming msi 8GB

                      MSI Z270 GAMING M7

                      I résolved it , before résolve i got 55° in idle and 79  with spike at  degrees 98° , you need to replace thermal paste,  now i got like

                      38° in idle

                      65° in game


                      And when Streaming 75°


                      Im at 4.6 ghz

                      2666 C15 for ram

                      XMP profil on


                      With dark rock 3 for air cooling


                      See you guys


                      Be happy with this processor he is awesome

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                        65° in game



                        Is it core temp or CPU temp?

                        My core temp closes to 70c, CPU temp is ~10c lower with load.

                        Idle is pretty even.

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                          You are pretty fine, but idle you are good try to replace thermal paste in processeur , im 45° with 4.6 ghz in idle in core and CPU 45 /50 when Streaming im at 60 70 75° When gaming 60 65 , replace thermal paste MayBe bro

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                            Hi to all!


                            I`ve got a beautiful brandnew Imac 27inch with the 4.2(4.5) 7i processor.



                            Even when scrolling through my Lightroom library the cpu temperatures jump up to 100 degrees.

                            On all four CPU`s.They return after I stop scrolling pretty fast, but I`ve never seen such temperature jumps before.


                            Apple support is not very helpful, as I do not have a problem with the performance...now.

                            And besides complaints that the fans are frequently spinning up and down,Apple had never such a complaint.

                            According to them.


                            I`ve carefully studied all the posts to the i7-7700K,

                            but deliding or building in another fan is no option on my AIO system.


                            Are these temperature really meant to be??? or do I have a faulty CPU?

                            Or should I try to get the i5-7600K?

                            Any comment appreciated!

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                              MY friends replace thermal paste wich cooler u got ? Il got dark rock 3 , just 3 /4mm thermal in Middle then watch for help to put the cooler . Dont deelid

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                                Thanks a lot for your answer :-)

                                I am talking about a All in One Apple system (IMac) which I cannot simply open without loosing any warranty ;-)

                                I understood that the i7-7700K prozessor is superfast and superhot

                                but spinning temperatures up to 100(even just temprarilly) seems very strange to me?!

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                                  Use your warranty and change it

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                                    You can check official Intel cpu i7-7700k specs: 100ºC is the max. safe temp (I guess would be the same if the computer is Pc or a Mac ). Obviously, is not a normal behaviour to reach the max. cpu temp doing standard desktop tasks, so, perhaps you will need to change bios values (lower cpu v), as all other Pc people here. Anyway, if you paid for a Mac, my oppinion is that Apple would must take care about this problem!


                                    p.s.: is anybody still doubting about if is a cpu, so Intel, problem?