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    Problems with the latest drivers for Intel HD 630


      I received a driver update through Windows Update for my Intel HD 630 graphics 9-10 days back (, and whenever I try to play a video on YouTube (Maybe elsewhere too), the display goes blank, the moment I change my browser tab from the tab where the video is playing. There seems to be no problem playing CS:GO. Rolling back the drivers to, manually (As give on the site, they seem to have a different version number once installed) fixes this issue.

      I run a Windows 10 insider preview, and have tested this bug to be present in 2 builds, 16251 and 16275, and it has the exact same behaviour in both the builds, So i guess windows isn't the cause of this.

      I have an Intel core i3-7100 CPU.

      Attached :-


      Intel information file.


      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!