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    No Audio on NUC7i7BNH 10Prox64


      I first attempted a Win7Ux64 install on the NUC and was able to limp along with it.  Finally decided to install the spyware known as Win10 so I could actually use all the hardware on the NUC.


      Display Adapter shows the Iris Plus 650 as installed

      Other Devices - Multimedia Audio Controller has the Warning Icon

      But I have no audio, So, I have:


      Uninstalled and deleted the graphics drivers.

      Uninstalled and deleted the (Other Devices) Multimedia Audio Controller.

      Installed the latest IDUU and ran it.  I get failure on the Graphics Driver Install (probably audio related)

      Downloaded the zip and EXE of the latest graphics driver (dated Aug23 both through IDUU and manually)

      Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers 4,789 times (this number might be hyperbole)

      (did this both manually through the Device Manager, and using the executable)

      Ran the Win 10 troubleshooter as to why the device isn't working.

      "Trouble shooting couldn't find the problem"

      Detailed information:

      Issues Found

      Check Audio Device: Detected (yellow-triangle !)

      There might be a problem with your audio device/  (really, you think?)

      Checked the BIOS to make sure everything is enabled (it is)

      Checked Windows Update (there are no more updates available)



      Where the &^$&#%@*!&@do I go from here to get some #*$&#*@& sound!?!?!?!?!