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    librealsense error


      My cmputer configuration:win10/SR300/vs2013 update 5

      When I use librealsense, the error is shown in the figure


      How does this rs.error work ?

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          A report about this error with LibrealSense and the SR300 on the BountySource site said that it can be caused by a camera that is disconnecting.




          Camera disconnections can be greatly reduced by plugging the camera into a mains-powered hub instead of directly into the PC'S USB port.  They can be purchased on stores such as Amazon for around $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.  In the majority of cases where PC hardware meets the camera's minimum specifications and there are camera detection or installation problems, a powered hub fixes the problem.


          I note in your case though that the other three streams are functioning.  Does the program stop running some seconds after the program starts?  That too would be indicative of a camera signal disconnection issue.  Do the other streams continue to update after the error appears or does the entire program just freeze up?

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            Thank you for your reply. Thank you !

            When I used librealsense, I just ran the program and I reported the error, and then the program ended,and I was already using the ORICO USB3.0 Hub。

            But in the same environment, I used my own program, but I could run the data 。

            So it's hard for me to understand this error

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              I was testing it on a desktop computer, and that was the case; I tested it again on my laptop, downloaded librenslsense, and then configured the environment property, and then the same thing happened.

              In the process of running the program, I looked closely at SR300 when the USB 3.0 hub was used without any device interruption

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                There are very few reports of this error occurring, so it is difficult to diagnose, and we have now established that you are using a USB hub.


                With a lot of problems involving streaming in Librealsense, patching the uvcvideo file is a recommended step.  A ROS website says, "librealsense requires patches to the uvcvideo loadable kernel module to support various cameras.  Intel RealSense R200 camera support is upstreamed in the 4.4.x linux kernel, but older kernels and all other Intel RealSense™cameras require patches."


                Could you give patching a try please?


                librealsense - ROS Wiki

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                  Hi Ming.Ji888888,

                  We were wondering if you tried patching the file as MartyG suggested to?

                  Diego V.