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    Finding I7-4790 CPU-Z Utility


      I have had some WHEA Uncorrectable errors recently so I decided to look at the CPU-Z utility to see if everything is as it should but I have put Windows 10 on and I think I lost the utility so I used the Intel Driver Update facility and downloaded all the latest drivers for my CPU. Now I do build my own PC's from time to time but I forget everything that I learned building them because it might be years apart, and I'm not an expert. Anyhow, I remember checking out the CPU-Z program and looking at all data but I don't know where to find it now which is not in my Apps. I'm looking at a YouTube video right now and this guy has the CPU-Z Ver. 1.68.0 X64 up for his i7-4770K. How do I bring up this Utilty? Thank you.