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    Intel Website Won't Allow RMA


      My awesome 5820k is in need of replacement, but I keep getting this www-ssl.intel.comnull issue when I try to login to start my RMA. On top of that, the chat queue for support will disconnect you if no agents are available at that exact time. This isn't the middle of the night. We're talking their own business hours. Instead of queuing me into the queue, I get disconnected and have to fill all my info out all over again, only to get disconnected when no agents are readily available again.


      My processor is downclocking, overheating, freezing my computer, and causing restarts. The routine diagnostics steps have been tried already. Default settings, re-applying thermal compound, checking connections, etc.  The processor seems to have gone bad. I'd really love to have this fixed, but I can't seem to get anyone to let me start the RMA process. I've tried all week to get this settled without any luck.


      Intel Core i7 5820k

      Asus X-99 A Motherboard

      Kingston HyperX DDR4 4x8GB RAM

      nVidia 780 GTX

      Corsair CX750 PSU

      Samsung 850 pro SSD

      Corsair H115i Cooler


      I run stock clocks, as I'd rather have stable and long life from my system. I have a good cooling system. My house is usually around 68-70ºF, so nice and cool ambient temps. I virus scan often and keep anti-virus and such on all the times. I've done all the stuff I can to rule out all the other possibilities. My processor is bad, please let me know how to start my RMA already. I'd really love to sit back down to some Witcher 3 already.