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    Resolution support for i5-7200u HD620 via DVI adapter


      I'm trying to attach a monitor with 1440p resolution and only DP and DVI ports to an ASUS Zenbook UX330UAK, which only has a micro-HDMI port. I've bought a micro-HDMI to DVI with dual link support and hooked it up to the monitor with the same high-speed/dual-link DVI that had successfully supported the monitor when hooked up to my desktop. The top resolution seems to be 720p, however. I've upgraded to the latest generic Intel drivers, and then downgraded to the old ones available from ASUS, nothing seemed to make a difference.


      Is the problem related to using the DVI adapter? I saw in a post about HD4600 Intel graphics that dual-link DVI is not supported, with a resolution cap at 720p. Is there any solution that'd work? HDMI to DP adapters are active and expensive. Would a USB 3.0-connected hub/dock with DVI or DisplayPort out work?