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        According to Intel specs only one core can boost to 4.5, others to 4.4 (or even less).

        But most mobo vendors have 'all cores' option, that boosting all cores to max 4.5 freq.


        I not see voltage control type options on your sshot. Try to enter UEFI, nor windows app. And change it directly. Look at CPU VID. Your manual voltage must be more than VID. I think +0.2..+0.5 is okay. For my example VID is 1.184, manual voltage i set to 1.22. Memory i overclocked to 3000 (from 2400). On voltage 1.20 windows and games runs OK, but tests raise errors.


        Set 'override' for example 1.25 (or less) vCore. Then lower it with tesing for stability. Leave min voltage you found.

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          Here's the BIOS advanced CPU voltage settings screen. No Adaptive available - just Auto or Normal. No sign of CPU VID either - do you think that could be Dynamic Vcore?



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            Let me summarize:

            1) Vcore for stock settings must be 1.200v. When you see more then 1.200v so your motherboard is overvolting your Vcore.

                Stock frequency is 4.2ghz up to 4.5ghz with turbo boost.

            2) If you do not see adaptive mode so your motherboard does not support it. So you ve to use the old way (offset or fixed).

            3) IO and SA settings (these are called in different ways in different BIOS, like CPU IO, VCCIO, etc) must be under 1.050v.

            4) CPU PLL OC (that in your bios is called VCCPLL OC) must be under 1.100 as datasheet says (some user here is stable at 1.080v, i am stable at 1.050v).


            If you have different values (like your Vcore and your VCCPLL OC at 1.250v) you are out recommended voltages for i7 7700k, so it means your motherboard is overvolting your cpu.

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              I use the adaptive setting so disabling SVID would do nothing for me, right? I'm just asking cause I saw someone was talking about SVID earlier. Even tho its set on adaptive and 1.20v, it still gives over 1.3v to the CPU under little to no load. I tried to throw it down to 1.19 in the BIOS and I had to reset it to default cause windows wouldn't boot when it was at 1.19v


              Like I said earlier, with just editing the other voltages I've managed to reduce temps near 20c, but if anyone has some info on my vcore issue, it would be awesome! Thanks!

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                Hmm. Lowering my vCore to 1.2000V results in the computer hanging at random points. I've increased it back up to 1.225V but it still hangs. So I'm probably going to have to put it back onto Auto - which seems to default to 1.235V. Not ideal, but I'm hoping that the VCCPLL OC at 1.050V will do enough with the spikes to stop the CPU spinning up all the time.


                The alternative is frankly to get rid of the i7-7700k on eBay and 'downgrade' to an non-unlocked version or even a non-unlocked i7-6700. But then, Google 'i7-6700 spikes' and there are plenty of discussion threads on that as well. Disappointing.


                Regards to all, and thanks for your help,



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                  Hello Jonemac! If u only notice the cpu jumps while looking at the numbers I wouldnt worry too much about it. If the temps stay under the allowed max while the cpu is stressed its fine. If, however, you are being annoyed by fan spins, I would suggest downloading speedfan and making a custom fan curve to get rid of this

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                    Interesting enough because I was planning to build a new rig based on i7 7700 or i7 700k...but reading everywhere people saying that their CPU are spiking like crazies.


                    Am flabbergasted to see some customers using water rigs or even THE top of the line  air cooling like Noctua D-15 having "heat spikes" while doing almost nothing with their i7 7700 -7700k while my old i7 920 never passed 57C even when I was video editing , photoshop'ing, 3D rendering or gaming and this with modest air cooling solution


                    As an engineer, i know a lot about thermodynamics and the long terms effects of heat spikes (especially repetitive ones) on any materials or systems........and how they shorten their lifespan


                    There is something about a lots of people all over saying the same thing  -versus-  a corporation that says the opposite (or nothing): the people are generally the ones who where right.

                    What other thing that makes me raise an eyebrow: having to make an investigation for such thing!? Don't you know how your CPU behave before launch? (and sell) Don't you have  intensive QA?  or did you simply rush this one before i9?


                    Am suspicious, so ill wait couples of months before buying and see where this thing goes. or go AMD.

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                      Okay, I guess I'm pretty rusty with hardware tweaking. I forgot the one guiding principle - only change one element at a time!


                      So I reset absolutely everything to 'Auto' apart from VCCPLL OC, which I left at 1.050V - and it still hung. So I've increased that up to 1.070V and it seems to be stable enough so far. Stable enough, in fact, for me to nudge the Vcore back down to 1.200V instead of the 1.250V the motherboard seems insistent on giving it...


                      So far, so good - but I'll report back with an update in the days ahead.


                      Thanks to all again for your help.





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                        Intel has screwed up completely with this 7th gen CPUs.

                        And now sitting quiet, hoping that we will forgive them.


                        I think not a lot of people here are thinking about buying i9, especially after this 7700k  $h!t issue.


                        I have spent a lot more on this PC than on any of the previous. And this one is the worst.

                        All this "pro/oc/extreme etc" stuff is just a waste of money.


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                          Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to test out your claims. If it does stop the spikes then I will make sure to write up a detailed guide for people to follow for several different motherboard manufacturers as well as submitting the information to Intel for them to have a chance to further evaluate.

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                            while my old i7 920 never passed 57C even when I was video editing , photoshop'ing, 3D rendering or gaming and this with modest air cooling solution


                            This is not fair comparison.

                            i7-920 does not have AVX instruction set, but 7700K does even AVX2. This instructions very frying.

                            In addition, the 920 has a very low clock speed (compared to 7700k - there are 2.66 vs 4,20 base and 2,93 vs 4.50 in boost).

                            Third is die size: 263mm2 vs 122mm2 (which CPU is about half one, another half is GPU). The heat flux through IHS is much stronger. Even littlie issue with thermal interface will increase heating. No any cooling system can fix it, only delid.

                            In the fourth, on tiny process (45nm vs 14nm) we're have much notable positive feedback: as the temperature rises, currents leakage increase, which leads to a further temperature increase.

                            At the last is mobo overvoltaging.

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                              I did it, and it's crazy !!!


                              i7 7700K @4,8 GHz 1,30V


                              (All in C° Celsus)


                              HyperThreading ON + NON DELIDED

                              Core Temp => Average Mini rest : 33° | Average Max rest : 59°

                              Average Max CineBench R15 : 78° Average Max Prime95 : 93°


                              HyperThreading ON + DELIDED (with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut)

                              Core Temp =>Average Min rest : 29° | Average Max rest : 51°

                              Average Max CineBench R15 : 59° Average Max Prime95 : 70°


                              A gain of -19° on CineBench R15 and -23° on Prime95 !!!

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                                What are you doing!!??

                                It's not recommended to delid or overclock!!!

                                Stop decreasing your CPU's temp!!! This may result in less money spent on cooling and longer CPU lifespan!

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                                  Ok so I finally got a second to look at my bios setup.


                                  So I have the Cpu pll oc (found in tweakers paradise section on asus boards for anyone looking for it) set to auto initially. My auto setting was running this at .950 which is undervolted compared to your setting. I then changed it to 1.050 and noticed no change in spikes. I still jump from 28-30c to 38-40C when I open browser tabs or just from anything general use on my pc.


                                  So maybe I am missing something here, but my particular board did not have this setting over-volted and second I find no link between it and the spikes. I still have the same spikes before/after. I mean I guess for giggles I can overvolt it and see if spikes get worse, but as things stands i think the myth that this setting reduces spikes is pretty much busted.


                                  Thanks for your contribution though.

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                                    I decided to check the forum here after a long while. Earlier this year I also got a 7700k. Tried something to cool it down, stop the fan spinning, but now I did as you summarised and max temps seem to have gone down 20-30 celsius, no more fan ramping up, great.


                                    As long as the performace is ok and temps are down, I'm fine with it, don't have time to mess around.

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