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    No Intel HD Graphics 630 drivers for Windows 8.1?




      Just bought a new MacBookPro (15-inch, 2017) with Kabylake and the new(ish) Intel HD(R) Graphics 630 iGPU. I am configuring this for work, so I need to install both Windows 8.1 and MacOS using a BootCamp setup. As others have discovered, one of the problems is that 630 is only (technically) supported on Windows 10, and my company is not yet ready to make the leap. Trying to find a way to get the 630 to work with Windows 8.1 which is proving difficult. I have seen threads like this one that instructs the user how to modify .inf files to essentially force compatibility. That specific set of instructions was for the 620 and a previous version of Intel graphics drivers. Wondering if anyone has attempted to mod the current set of Intel graphics drivers to make them compatible with Windows 8.1?


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