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    Ethernet USB dongle disconnecting issue


      I the mini breakout board for the edison and have gone through Ethernet with UGreen USB dongle and successfully been able to connect to the edison using a usb dongle.  I have setup up a static IP address on the edison and a static ip on my desktop and I'm able to ping from one machine to the other and SSH into the edison without an issue. 


      However, after some time (occasionally immediately, normally within a minute or two) the ssh session freezes and I'm no longer able to ping the edison, yet if if I run ifconfig both still have their IP address and look as though nothing is wrong. 


      In order to be able to reconnect I have to restart connmanctl on the edison, or stop and restart the ethernet within connmanctl (Note: it doesn't always work the first time).


      I have tried disabling wifi and bluetooth in connmanctl yet it doesn't appear to make any difference.


      I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving the issue.