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    Saturation setting issues




      So I've come across this problem like 2 months ago, only now got around to actually reporting it and seeking help.


      The problem is that the saturation setting in my intel HD graphics panel keeps resetting, to -25 from whatever I set it to, every time I :
      1. Restart my pc.

      2. Change a profile, or a resolution.

      3. Launch a full screen program that isn't my native resolution (1920x1080p)

      4. Tab into a full screen program.


      Now I have tried :
      1. Rolling back to old drivers, which didn't have this issue.

      2. Updating to the latest drivers.

      3. Reinstalling the drivers completely.


      And nothing has worked.


      The drivers that I installed were the ones from the intel website, since there are no graphics drivers on the ASUS support website.


      Now as for my PC.

      Model : ASUS N551VW

      Processor : Intel i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHz

      Graphics card : Nvidia Geforce GTX960M

      The PC also has integrated intel graphics, as it is a lap top.

      Both Nvidia control panel and Intel HD Graphics control panel are installed, however in Nvidia I am not able to adjust neither the resolution or the saturation, brightness etc.

      Windows 10 Pro


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Graphics communities.

          For this type of scenario we recommend to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer, please try driver 5894 from ASUS:

          If the problem persists, since the processor works with the Intel® HD Graphics 530, we can try to install the driver below, it is 4664:

          Please let me know the results of trying those drivers.

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R

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            Hello again.


            So the solution that you have suggested has not worked, however, somehow I have managed to fix this issue. If anyone is facing the same problem as me, I'll try to explain what I did.


            1. In device manager I uninstalled Intel HD graphics, (including the driver software(there's an option you can select while uninstalling)).

            2. Restarted my PC.

            3. In device manager, Intel HD graphics should reappear, then right click, go to properties and update drivers. Select browse computer, then "let me pick a list of device drivers <...> ". Then select Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
            4. After installation - restart PC.

            5. Then do the same as 3. however instead select one of the drivers provided in the list (except Microsoft Basic Display Adapter(if you remember what driver worked, or when it worked, choose the driver by date)).

            6. Restart PC.


            Now I'm no expert, however that worked for me, no clue how or why.



            Thank you for your help, Alberto!

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hi : You are very welcome. Perfect, it is great to hear that the problem is now fixed. Thank you very much for sharing that information, we really appreciate that and I am sure it will be very helpful for all the peers viewing this thread.

              Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.

              Alberto R