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    dh67bl sata 3gb/s not working


      Hello. I have a dh67bl motherboard and i am trying to install multiple drives but with no good results.

      I have a corsair 90gb ssd...a Toshiba 3tb and a wd purple 4tb.

      All work ok alone on the 6gb/s sata...in all configurations.

      But when i try to add one on the 3gb/s sata i can sometimes see it in bios..but the windows doesn't recognize it. Windows on ssd is in ahci mode without uefi...and now i tried with another install on the wd drive ahci with uefi activated but with same results.

      I am using a jumper settings to go to 3gb/s on the wd whenever i try to plug it in in the 3gb/s ports. the Toshiba as i know needs no such thing. Tried changing all the sata cables multiple times also.

      Whenever i have a disk in the 3gb/s sata and i see it in bios...the windows boot hans..or just stays blocked....or sometimes it goes but i cant see the drive in windows; or i see it but i cant do anything with it.

      Any ideas at this point are welcomed.