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    Flickering textures on DirectX* 9 based PC games


      Intel has reproduced a flickering textures issue with several different games and has started investigation (Bug ID 1405609824), so far it appears that it affects primarily games running on DirectX* 9 (i.e. older games). As more information becomes available I'll be updating this thread.


      If you encounter a similar graphics glitch with your PC Game, feel free to post the details here.


      So far this is the list of games that have been identified in the communities by users that present this flickering textures issue:


      Halo 2*:

      Source: Halo 2 texture flickering


      Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

      Source: Flickering textures while playing Dreamfall (Intel HD Graphics 620)


      The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena*:

      Source: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena screen flickering


      Painkiller* game series

      Source:Painkiller series, lighting bug.


      Crysis* and Crysis Warhead*

      Source: Crysis Warhead flickering smoke bug report and "solution" of this problem.


      Red Faction: Guerrilla* Steam Edition

      Source: Red Faction: Guerrilla Steam Edition sky black hole and ambient occlusion bug


      Cold Fear*

      Source: Cold Fear shadows flickering


      Battlefield: Bad Company 2*

      Source: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 water flickering


      Thank you all for your feedback, and special thanks to the user Parapele who has been of tremendous help getting this to our attention.

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