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    NUC7i3BNH fan noise


      Hi all,

      I'm a bit disappointed about the noise of the fan inside the nuc. I know it is not fanless, but it seems to me there is not only the noise of moving air.

      I found an old thread hereFan noise from D54250WYK where the almost same issue is discussed. However, my kit was replaced already by the dealer with both units making quite similar noise.

      Two bad units (maybe same charge) or are my expectations too high?

      Please find sound samples in the first post of the referenced thread and in the attachment.

      Thank you.


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          Sorry, this is the normal sound that you will hear from a NUC when its processor is very busy. The blower (it's not a fan!) is spinning as fast as it needs to to dissipate the heat being produced.


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            Thanks for your reply. Sorry for blower, English is not my native language.

            Did you compare both of the audio samples provided in the other thread? One sounds like my sample (sort of rattling), the other one is almost silent aside from the air noise...

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              My NUC is not quiet like a MacBook, but also not such loud like yours. I only got a very slightly humming noise. My unit is unnoticeable from 2m away @ half load. Maybe a lucky buy? =)

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                Nope, only listened to your sample. It sounds perfectly normal for processor-busy situations.


                I will say the same thing I have said to others. If you don't like the sound, change it. Move the NUC farther away from where you sit. Use the VESA mounting plate to attach it to the back of a monitor, the side/bottom of your desk, etc. Put something between you and the NUC. Any of these will make a difference.