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    NUC7i5BNH - Can't get the boot menu, after installing ubuntu


      My NUC had issues the moment I unboxed it. No display. Read a little and realized that the stock firmware doesn't go too well with the HDMI devices. I had to try various combinations of cable/ monitors and finally I was able to install Ubuntu 17.


      Now the thing is, in order to update the BIOS/ HDMI firmware, I need to install Windows 10. I do have the bootable disc ready but I just can't get into either the boot menu or into the BIOS. I have probably tried restarting the system a 100 times, pressing F2, F4, F8, F10 and what not. I just can't get in. Even the 3 second power button press thing yields nothing


      I am stuck here and need help here. Either get me to the BIOS or just help me install the Windows. Getting a shiny device and not being able it is the worst thing that can happen to us geeks. Just get me out of this, please!