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    How do I configure VNC from Linux now?


      A couple years or so ago, I wrote this:


      Setting up Intel AMT to act as a remote KVM in Linux – JeffLane.2.0


      Which documented the things I'd found onlne to get a NUC with vPRO working and providing remote desktop access via VNC.


      However, now none of that, nor any of the similar solutions online work because they all depended on the ips-schema hosted at Intel, such as:




      Those links all now redirect to a 404.


      So my questions:


      1:  Where is the ips-schema stored now?


      2:  How else can I configure a system with AMT for VNC connections?  There is NO useful information that doesn't assume you're a hardware engineer, that I can find. 


      And please do NOT tell me to use some windows tool.  I don't run windows.  I am a Linux engineer, my full time job involves Linux, I do not own ANYTHING that has Windows on it.  Using some Windows tool is simply not an answer, unlike the answer this guy got here:


      best way to batch configure?


      I do NOT need some Intel RSC server or any other weird thing.  I have A server, that unfortunately uses AMT for management, rather than IPMI based BMCs that just work.  I just need to set a few things to enable VNC and I'm ridiculously frustrated by this right now, given that what I wrote before to configure my NUC is now invalid.