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    DG35EC - SATA Data Transfer Problem


      Recetly, my DG35EC w/ a 6650 processor developed a strange problem: When attempting to transfer .mp3 files within XP Home 32-bit, both the "from" and "to" windows (example: DVD-RW "D" to HDD "C") will freeze for over a minute.  At this point (without any error messages), the desktop icons will disappear and eventually reappear as if desktop Explorer is shutting down and restarting.


      • Swapped out power supply - did not fix problem.
      • S.M.A.R.T. test gave HDD a passing grade; however a deeper error scan with WD Data Lifeguard stated drive had bad sectors.  Installed backup Ghost HDD, did not fix problem.
      • Ran Windows System File Check, no issues detected.
      • Problem occurs with either of the installed DVD-RW drives and with external USB DVD-RW drive.
      • BIOS shows voltages and temps are OK.  SATA is set to IDE/Legacy mode (BIOS defaults).
      • When data transfer issue occurs, Windows Task Manager shows CPU at 0-3% capacity and 2+ GB system memory free.


      This issue happens only when I attempt to transfer files between drives.  Online downloads (.pdf files, e-mail) are working normally, as are programs (Paint Shop Pro, MS-Office, etc.).  Again, this is a recent problem - up until about a week ago, I had no problems transferring data between drives.


      Is the SATA controller on my board tanking?  If anyone has a solution other than setting up an advance RMA it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.