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    Intel dual band 7260AC for desktop hangs on Windows 10 creator edition with IPv6 enabled


      I was previously running Windows 10 64-bit Anniversary edition 1607 without any problems.

      I have an Intel dual band 7260AC for desktop installed with IPv4 and IPv6 enabled, driver version from the wireless proset version 19.50.1


      A few days ago, I installed the update to the new Windows 10 Creator edition 1703 and ALL applications, including console programs like 'nslookup' and 'ping', using the wirless network started to become 'not responding' after a few minutes or less.

      Once an application 'hung', it could not be terminated from task manager, giving an 'access denied' error when attempting and 'end task'.

      If I disabled the Intel 7260AC adapter and using a wired Broadcom ethernet connection, everything worked normally again.

      After disabling IPv6 on the Intel 7260AC, the wireless network ALSO worked again without hanging.


      Looking at the symptoms, it seems there is a problem with the driver on Windows 10 Creator edition, where an application gets 'hung' inside the system call to the driver, because they can't be terminated anymore.

      I didn't see any newer drivers available and was wondering if other people have encountered similar problems or are using a 7260AC adapter with IPv6 enabled normally?



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