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    7700k vs 6700k heat + RAM support


      hello guys , i am building a new pc & i have two questions , first is i'm stuck with a choice for CPU + motherboard , 6700k + Z170-P  vs 7700k + Z270-P , now the thing is i can get both combo's at the same price , one would assume the seventh gen is better , but many review on the net says that the 7700k heats more than the 6700k & i'm afraid my cooler won't be enough , here's the one i'm getting "Cooler Master: Seidon 240P" , am i being worried for nothing? , second question , i see 7700k supports ram at max 2400 Mhz , is taking higher frequency ram (3000 Mhz) useless completely ? will it have opposite effect & overheat the cpu more ? thanks everyone for answers