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    Intel AC 7265 choppy bluetooth audio




      I have an asus laptop with a AC7265 and bluetooth audio performance is laughable. It lags, stutters terribly. On the same bluetooth speaker, my xperia Z2 or even my 2008 ipod touch can stream youtube. How is this possible ? I've got the latest windows 10 version (creators update). It seems that the bandwith is somehow limited (??) and using wifi at the same time cause issues


      • yes i tried the drivers from asus
      • yes i tried the latest drivers 19.50.1 or whatever you came up with
      • yes i tried to uninstall the device in device manager, delete the driver and try with the stock driver from windows
      • yes i uninstalled intel pro set wireless and chose to forgot settings
      • yes i uninstalled intel wireless bluetooth
      • yes i rebooted my pc each time
      • yes the sound bar is working correctly with every other device
      • yes i disabled power saving for the wifi bluetooth chip
      • yes intel wifi chips are garbage and my AC7260 on my other laptop is also a buggy mess


      I really think the drivers are the issue here. I saw reports of similar issues on google but not too many. Has anyone ever had the same issue and had a fix ? This is really getting on my nerves, why wifi or bluetooth are still an issue with the latest cards/drivers ?!

      Thanks !

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          I installed toshiba bluetooth stash to have more info , bluetooth speed with my soundbar at 1 meter is 314kbps (!!) . Maybe it's not a driver issue but a hardware issue after all, this is just way too low.


          I think I'll just gave up and buy a broadcom wifi card, at least it should work properly. We don't have much choice with NGFF wifi AC cards.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello corentin_,

            We understand that you're having quality issues while streaming audio via Bluetooth* with your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265.

            Since you have already tried the basics, we can suggest the following:

            1- Open Devices and Printers from the Control Panel.
            2- If you have paired your speakers before, they should be listed here under devices. Right click on your speakers and select Properties.
            3- Switch over to the Services tab and make sure that "Handsfree telephony" is not selected (this lowers audio quality severely to 'improve reliability').
            4- Open the Device Manager, under Network Adapters locate your wireless adapter (not your Bluetooth* module), double click to open Properties.
            5- Under the Advanced tab, make sure that Bluetooth AMP* is enabled, if available.

            If you believe this is a hardware issue, you may want to make sure that antenna number two is properly connected to your wireless adapter. You may also remove your adapter and reconnect it after making sure all contacts are clean. 

            If this does not help and you do want to replace your adapter, please make sure to contact your computer manufacturer to find a suitable (even if not Intel®) replacement. This is the best way to avoid compatibility issues. 

            We look forward to hearing back from you.

            Best regards,
            Carlos A.

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              Hello, thanks for your reply


              Handsfree telephony was not selected, bluetooth AMP option did nothing so it's maybe a hardware issue... I won't send my computer to repair for that so I'll open it someday and reconnect the antennas, I hope this will work

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hello corentin_,

                It was a long shot. We'll discuss this issue with our additional resources and post any suggestions we can find. In the mean time, let us know if any troubleshooting from your end resolves or improves the issue.

                Best regards,
                Carlos A.