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    Are the Xeon E3-12xx v1 series CPUs compatible with Windows 10 when using a discrete, Windows 10 compatible GPU?


      Intel states that all Sandy Bridge CPUs, including Xeon E3-12xx v1 series CPUs, are not compatible with Windows 10. The reason seems to be the missing GPU drivers for the integrated Intel HD2000 or HD3000 graphics.


      We are running a lot of workstations equipped with Xeon E3-1270 v1 CPUs in our firm. Since the Xeon E3-1270 v1 has no integrated graphics core and we instead are using discrete Nvidia GPUs, I really want a clear answer from Intel.


      Is the Sandy Brigde CPU core compatible with Windows 10 or not?

      Or is it just the Sandy Bridge integrated HD2000 or HD3000 graphics core which is not compatible with Windows 10?


      Thanks in advance!