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    Need to reinstall adapter drivers after every restart after Windows 10 Creators Update.


      I have a big problem now that I've updated to Windows creators update.
      After a restart and connecting to the internet, the internet is awfully slow with the "Resolving host" message all over the place in Chrome (Edge is also slow).
      I tried every option suggested in the internet, but the only one that fixes it, is just to remove the "Intel network connections" and then reinstall it right after. Then the internet is great again - until the next reboot.
      Please help me find a permanent solution for this, as it's going to be very tedious having to do this procedure all over again every restart.
      I'm using Asus pro gaming z170 motherboard with I7 6700k. The network adapter is "Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V"
      I'm using PPP Adapter to connect to the internet thrugh D-link 2500u Modem.s