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        So what are you doing here if your temperatures are ok. I asked the question to Balourdos.

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          I have also bought a new setup of the I7-7700k and a ASRock Gaming K6 MB and coming from the I7-4790k i watch the temps when i first turn the system on for a wile after i re paste and i will have to say that the 4790k oc diden't run crazy temps but i been watching it and had the system up for a little over a month now with no oc and for like the last week or so i been having a problem with a game that will just keep crashing and that's when i noticed that my temps will go more all over the place then normal and, i use core temp 1.7 for temp reading, the Frequency is completely all over the place also. today is the second time the game acted up and i looked and the cpu is doing it again so i got the info and attaching the file. i don't know if it dose this because the temps have been getting higher or if it just starts messing with the Frequency and the temps are going higher because of that. i did notice that temps where in 72c lastnight before i went to bed and when i got up the pc was going crazy. when its in this state stuff will crash that i use.

          i hope this helps, i also hope someone can tell me if this is a problem with the cpu and if i should try to send it in. has anyone had the same thing happen?

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            My temps are not ok.

            Since while idle I get temps from 29-30 to 62-55-54-51 and back to 30.

            Also , in full load I get around 65-71c with an AIO.

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              Those spikes are starting to really get on my nerves.

              It has become an annoying experience to work with my PC, heck even browse in the internet or watch videos. Hearing my fans go full speed every couple of seconds really takes all the fun. As great as the performance is, I'm really thinking about doing a RMA, maybe a new CPU doesn't have this problem.


              I had a chat with the Intel support. They don't quite understand the problem as it seems. Here is the conversation.

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                All people here are guessing time ago that this 'Intel's two month silence' means that, for them, this is not an important issue at all (what a surprise, and dissapointment too). If temps are under official max. 100C then there is no problem with CPU. But damn, this approach is wrong: we are not complaining about high temps (only), but about non tolerable temp spikes that drives crazy our cooling systems (and probably shorten CPU life time). And I repeat: a lot of us are speaking before overclock.

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                  Hi again guys.


                  Just wanted to say one thing.


                  Why are we all complaining about spikes and temps when we already know that this is CPU's normal behavior?


                  Intel already said that 80C + it's a normal temp reading under stress tests with AVX instructions or high OC.


                  Look at these example:


                  Skylake: i7 6700K - Tcase max temperatures: 67C - These means that Tjuction max temp is about 72C. So, these CPU must never go above 67C


                  Kaby lake: I7 7700K - Tjunction max temperature: 100C - These means that Tcase max temp is about 95C. So, these CPU must never go above 95C


                  Having a 25C difference between them and if motherboard manufacturers keep fan settings the same for both it's normal that on kaby lake fans go crazy because of higher temperatures and short spikes.


                  About the spikes:


                  If Kaby lake is supposed to work with high temperatures, a spike up to 60 or 65C, is that odd?

                  If a Skylake has spikes up to 45C isn't that worst than kaby's 65C spikes?


                  Intel is ignoring these thread probably because a lot of people already gave the answer, this is Kaby lakes' normal behavior. No other I7 K processor works these hot. But if intel says it's supposed to work these hot, then what's the problem here?


                  Crazy fan speeds are not an Intel issue. That problem is a Mobo settings issue.

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                    If this is the answer, then why Intel haven't post it yet? We are waiting for an official answer/solution too much now. Anyway, for me this isn't still a valid answer; Intel shouldn't put on public market a CPU that doesn't work with actual cooling system/Mobos/Bios without previewing it. Also, if the max. is 100C, for me it's not normal that 'light internet browse' reaches 75C only clicking on a link, or normal playing reaches 90C, WITHOUT OVERCLOCK. I want to remember that we bought a more expensive K processor for this feature.

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                      We are complaining because we are all coming from Intel CPU's that did not spike drastically at all, and that 1 second spikes from 30 to 65 degrees MUST have some knock on effect to the lifetime of the CPU. I mentioned before there are two issues, and we all have one or both - high temp spikes for minimal interaction, and higher temps than the 'average' (lets say roughly 70 degrees with an AIO) under load.


                      As mentioned above, this is not something Intel are admitting yet, and for the reasons I mention I suspect - any other device that heated during use to the extent that it doubles its temperature for doing something minimal, is not something that is judged in most peoples eyes as 'normal'.

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                        But still...



                        This thread has already been marked as answered and I haven't eard about any 7700K that's been damaged.


                        I'm just saying that, the fans issue has nothing to do with the way the CPU works. I've ajusted my fans so that they dont freak out at 60C. No crazy noises over here..


                        I've also adjusted my CPU settings controling it to work under 80C on AVX instructions (negative offset 2) at 4.5Ghz max and 4.7Ghz OC for other tasks, always under 72C now.


                        I've already opened another thread about this temperatures during AVX instructions load and this was the answer:


                        i7 7700k High temperatures while running AVX instructions


                        This being said, what can I say? That I dont agree with the way this CPU works? That I want a i7 7700K that works under load with lower temperatures?


                        If the z270 Mobo work with CPUs that run at lower temps and have a tjunction that dosent allow such high temps as the 7700k, it's normal that the settings on this mobos are set to deal with every cpu. If the 7700k works with higher temps, fans profiles must be adjusted.

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                          Wanted to ask this long ago:

                          How will the mobo differ a spike from an actual heat increase?


                          While we wait for intel to answer I have set a constant low speed for my CPU fan. And even in some games it handles pretty well.

                          No noice ramping. So there is no excesive heat in my case.


                          But when I'll play something more demanding i'll need to set different fan speed.

                          And after gaming i'll need to put everything back again....

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                            I don't believe that Intel are ignoring this thread or the issues reported here.  I currently have an open case with Intel and they have assured me that I will get an answer both on this forum and directly.  If they are taking time to reply it's probably because the solution is complex and requires proper investigation and testing.


                            The issue, as we have already discussed, is not that the spikes exist, but that they are so high (30-40C) and also that the CPUs are running much too hot in many cases.  It's also clear from this forum and from many other reports that delidding makes a very substantial difference, so it is not at all unreasonable for us to think that the heat transfer solution is not adequate in all cases, and defective in some.


                            I'm personally not about to give up and accept the status quo.





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                              I agree that the solution may be not that simple to be found.

                              I have recieved a similar answer, that they are working....

                              But it would be great to recieve some update on how they are doing.

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                                Balourdos wrote:


                                My temps are not ok.

                                Since while idle I get temps from 29-30 to 62-55-54-51 and back to 30.

                                Also , in full load I get around 65-71c with an AIO.

                                These temps are exactly what you SHOULD be seeing under full load. I was seeing 65-72C full load depending on test on custom water pre-delid.


                                So these temps are actually good for this chip. You still have 30C of headroom!


                                As to the spikes damaging the chip... Chances are you will not damage your chip and IF for some freak reason it did die... you have a 3 year warranty!


                                I ran a 2600k for what 6 years at higher than "safe" voltages with temps being actually pretty decent. That chip is actually still overclocked, still functioning in another machine. So if the safe temp for these chips is 100c... i would assume it running up to 90C will be fine... If you do see some silicon degrading it will be far after the warranty is expired anyways and chances are most of us will have moved on to 8+ core cpu's by then. So try to look at the bigger picture with all these doom and gloom posts I keep seeing.


                                Intel has done test and are confident this chip is fine up to 100C without concern. If they are wrong they will replace it!

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                                  Did everyone noticed an announcement at the top of the Support community/Processors page ?


                                  Объявление:Regarding 7700k temp spikes


                                  автор: MTaylor (12 апреля 2017 г.)


                                  We are investigating reports of temp spikes on the 7700k and have appreciated your input on it. We will provide an update when we have new information. Thanks,

                                  Mary T.

                                  Support Community Manager




                                  It's from 12.04 so already a week old.

                                  Guess we are not been ignored!

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                                    Hello everyone. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one concerned by this issue, and good to see that people are still actively posting in this thread.


                                    I replaced my 5820K after my X99 motherboard died recently. I bought an ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 and a 7700K. Reused the same NH-D15 cooler, this time with 2 Fans instead of one. I noticed that at idle, the 7700K sits happily at 32-35 degrees with ambient room temperatures around 22 degrees. However under load, the temperature jumps are erratic. It only seems to stabilize under constant load like gaming, at which point it's around 67 degrees according to CAM. My fans also ramp up and down with temperature spikes when opening the browser for example which is inconvenient.


                                    What boggles my mind is that, the 5820K which is a power hungry CPU, had the same temperatures when overclocked to 4GHz and with only one fan on the cooler controlled manually by Speedfan (and usually at 65% duty cycle). But did not spike under normal usage like opening a program. The temperature changes were gradual, predictable.


                                    I have run both softwares and have attached the results to this post, hopefully this can help further. For the purpose of full disclosure, the CPU is overclocked by XMP and the ASUS Bios settings. The core is set to 4.6GHz and the CPU voltage is regulated by the motherboard. The RAM speed is set to 2666MHz as per the XMP Profile. The motherboard BIOS is set to the "Optimal Performance" preset and the fans have been calibrated by the motherboard itself. I ran various stress tests from normal gaming to synthetic such as AIDA64, Intel XTU, and the CPU-Z benchmark. All return various results, so I can't really get consistent results and thus average temps with HWMonitor.


                                    I must say however, that despite this, the thing performs really well, and the boot up time is much faster than on my X99 platform, which I like. Not to mention it doesn't draw as much power.

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