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        It is quite obvious that this issue is more than aesthetic since it noticeably affects the quality of someone's everyday experience with using your product. It is extremely unacceptable nowadays to run a computer system where the graphics are unable to display something as simple as a smooth cursor in all its various forms. For the past 10 years or more, HDMI has been a commonly used standard when it comes to high quality visual output and connectivity. If your display drivers are not able to work through HDMI to properly show all aspects of the Windows OS interface for almost a year, then I'm sorry to say it is a major issue.



        Word spreads quickly when it comes to the poor quality of someone's everyday experience when using a product. As such, being a salesperson, technician, or business in the PC industry helps the message get out there not to buy a particular manufacturer's product if they are not fixing essential issues in a timely manner. How can we stand behind a product in today's age when the graphics cannot even display a mouse cursor correctly? Absolutely disgusted by the slow response Intel. Until now we have stocked Skylake products with related graphics, and have only received a bunch of complaints about this issue from clients when identified. We have accepted returns and taken losses as a result. We have discontinued sales of any product with Intel Skylake related graphics. Every single product we have tested with this generation of Intel graphics has this same problem, whether it be Intel Iris Graphics 540 or Intel HD Graphics 520, and so on.



        We sold a few NUC6i5SYH units (Intel Iris Graphics 540) to clients and I bought one for myself, all intended to be used as HTPCs. These units were all returned due to confirmed issues with the mouse cursor, in addition to display corruption when using Kodi (formerly known as XBMC). We sold some other machines with Skylake graphics and the customers were unhappy that they were also encountering display corruption with Kodi's graphical user interface (GUI). Again, the business took a loss in either accepting a return, or offering a substitute that would not involve Skylake graphics.



        At the end of the day, Intel has had plenty of time to fix this issue and has not. Buyers, please be aware that virtually any PC out there which has a 6th generation Intel Skylake processor (i3/i5/i7) with onboard graphics will have these issues. It doesn't matter which graphics driver version you use or if it is Windows 7, 8.1, or 10. Our company in addition to other partners in the industry, have done tests on a number of configurations with Intel Skylake-related graphics and have all been able to replicate the issue. There is no solution or workaround at this time but to discontinue the products we cannot stand behind. No longer are we willing to incur losses over a problem that Intel has long known about and has not properly addressed.



        If you still have the chance to return a product with this issue, we recommend you do so as Intel has clearly demonstrated that it should not be bothered to fix it anytime soon, despite it being a frustrating issue that clearly affects numerous people every single day. Intel has made its own determination for us that we should just live with the issue and continue to wait for a fix that could take much longer than it should. Absolutely unacceptable business practice.

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          Hello Everyone,


          We have a fix for this issue already, and we are currently testing it just to make sure nothing else gets broken.


          Our goal is to include this fix in the next15.45 (6th and 7th Generation) driver release.


          As soon as I have more information I'll post it here.


          Many thanks to all for your patience.



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            I have the same weird icon problem on my Dell Precision 7510 (Intel Core i7-6920HQ and HD Graphics 530). Especially ugly with Photoshop CC pointer icons ! But curiously it happens only when I try to make adjustments on the screen color settings with the Intel control panel and back to normal when I restore default settings. Not useful because I have to make my screen color adjustments with the Windows 10 display control panel and it lacks precision.


            I checked driver release and I'm on Still no fix to solve that problem ?



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              Hello all,


              Thank you once again for reporting this issue to us. As I mentioned before, we have a fix already in place in our next driver release.


              As soon as the driver is available for download, I'll notify you by updating this thread.


              Kindest Regards,

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                Hello once again,


                We just released a new driver for 6th and 7th Gen Graphics that should be fixing this issue.


                Please give this one a try:


                -NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7*/8.1*/10* [Vulkan Support]


                Note: If you encounter any issues during the driver installation process, you can try the steps detailed here: Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows® 10 and Windows...



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                  Unbelievable !!!! With the New Driver on my PC it looks now beautiful. With HDMI. Full Spectrum Area On. After Rebboting, too. But this was a long and difficult birth. !!

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                    I'm on Windows 10 64Bit, Hope it runs now on all OS and Users.

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                      Intel Corporation
                      This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                      I'm glad that it works good for you and I hope you can have better experience with your system from now on.

                      Best regards,


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                        Sorry to spoil the feast about the remedy.

                        However, I recently have the same issue AGAIN.

                        The last installed graphics driver update version is:

                        A rollback to a previous driver is no real option because Windows 10 keeps updating to this version.


                        I don't know what is causing this issue again.

                        Of course it is not a major issue or a failure, but it is looking unfinished or so.

                        The mouse pointer shadow is no real big thing to me but the busy circle is real ugly now.

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                          Hello BAK,


                          The driver that actually has the fix is build # 4590 (build = last 4 digits). The driver you reported is build 4550.


                          You can download driver 4590 here:


                          Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.45]


                          If you encounter any issue with the driver installation, try the following steps:

                          1. Disconnect from the Internet (just to make sure Windows Update* does download a different driver).

                          2. Uninstall the existing driver. Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel® Display HDMI/Audio...

                          3. Manually install driver 4590. Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows® 10 and Windows...

                          4. Reconnect to the Internet once you confirm 4590 is installed.


                          I hope this information helps.



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                            Hey Ronald,


                            Thanks for your reply.

                            It does work with this new (4590) driver.

                            However, I do have to prevent windows 10 from (updating) to the old 4550 version.

                            As soon as internet is connected it changes back to the old version. Grrr

                            This rollback prevention is easy in Windows 10 Pro but difficult in the regular Windows 10 versions.

                            This because it is only a temporarily blockage. But that's on other subject.



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                              Intel Corporation
                              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                              Di you try the Beta driver as well? You can download it here:

                              Download Intel® Graphics Driver Beta [15.45]




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                                I have zapped through thousands of pages of forums and comments and finally through that simple and super annoying bug I have reached this forum. For me it was just a noticeable side effect for others a really bad thing but my problem started when I could no longer watch 3D movies on my external monitor and projector. I have an Acer VN7 Nitro Black edition Intel i5 6300HQ with HD530 and NVidia 960M discrete chip but unfortunately the Nvidia chip is just a co-processor it needs the bloody HD530 to be able to pass on the frames because that is the only way to have them pushed to the HDMI output. I have tried everything all possible and impossible drivers (including the latest) fresh reinstall of Windows 10 NOTHING works there is such a lag in 3D playback that it is impossible to watch. And also this is how I discovered the pixelated edges of the blue loading circle. So for me the situation is unchanged. Can anybody confirm you experienced something similar. Do you know what connection there is between the two issues: stereoscopic playback of videos and the cursor bug? Any help deeply appreciated. Already thinking on returning laptop altogether. Regards Ron

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                                  Hi, Ronald.

                                  We have the same issue with Intel HD 510 on EliteOne G2 (V6K46EA) with Windows 7 SP1 32bit.

                                  I was very happy that I found this forum and because you found a solution to this problem.

                                  But only for 64bit systems. (Despite the fact that the description on the site indicates that the driver is suitable for Win7 32bit, in fact it's not true)

                                  So I wanted to tell you that the owners of 32bit systems suffer from this annoying problem no less than others.

                                  How soon can we see a new driver that fixes this issue for 32bit Windows 7?

                                  • 104. Re: With HD530 (Skylake) no shadow under mouse pointer
                                    Intel Corporation
                                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                    Unfortunately 32 bit is not supported for this driver, you can see it here:
                                    Right now we don’t have an ETA if a driver for 32 bit operating system will be released. At this point there is not any information if it is going to be available or not.

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