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    DCM SR300 installer keeps failing at firmware step - part 2?


      I have been using the SR300 for over a month now without too many issues. I did have a power management issue that I fixed through Device Manager by turning off the option for the USB controller to be turned off to save power. I shared my steps to fix that issue, and others were able to use those steps to troubleshoot their device.


      The company I am working with needs to be able to install the driver (below, the image is of the driver because I was hoping to install a newer version of the firmware and then install the old version). I had installed the driver several times without issues prior to this morning. Now, I am unable to install any firmware changes to the device when I try to run DCM installers. I have tried installers from,, and without success. The only driver that is able to install, I assume because the firmware it uses is already on the device, is the version pre-packaged in Windows: installs successfully.


      I am having a similar issue to that described in DCM SR300 installer keeps failing at firmware step


      I have a 6th generation Intel processor - Intel i7-6500U - on the system I am trying to install firmware from.



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