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    Installing cloud support by command line doesn't show repository into the developer hub


      Hi every body:


      There are two metods to install the cloud support into the Intel IoT Gateway: 1. by Developer Hub and 2. by Command Line. Please take a look at this: IoT - Connecting to the cloud | Intel® Software


      If the method chosen is by developer hub, once the repository is created, the developer hub will report two repositories:


      • IoT_Cloud
      • Intel_Repository


      However if the method chosen is by command line, once the repository is created in the commnad line, the developer hub will only report just the original repository installed: Intel_Repository.


      The version of the Wind River that I'm currently using is: WR7.0.0.13


      Is there somebody in the forum who has found this issue and know how to fix the developer hub?.

      I guess the developer hub should automatically show all installed repositories.


      Thanks to every body.