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    Accidently broke windows RST array w/gparted...


      Dual boot Win7/Linux box.  Ran gparted while booted into linux and answered yes to a "Fix this?" question and broke my windows RST array.



      Windows 7, boots from SSD, and has 2 Intel RST raids, (1x)  4 disk Raid_10,  (1x) 2 disk Raid_1

      Linux boots/runs from single ssd.


      Rebooted into windows, saw this message from Intel RST:

      "Your system is reporting one or more events, and data my be at risk"

           Volume_2: Degraded: Rebuild to another disk

           Unknown disk on Controller 255, Port Unknown: Missing


      There is a single drive displayed at the bottom right of the RST screen under the arrays.  The broken array shows a disk with 0gb, a yellow exclamation triangle, and has the same serial number as the unattached drive below it, followed by a :1 (colon one).


      Diskpart shows both disk ID's of Raid_1, (Disk ID3 and Disk ID4 in my system) as the same 32 character GUID.

      Windows Disk Management shows Disk 4 offline.  "The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online"


      This is a raid-1 so it looks like I can still read the data.  (at least it appears to be so)


      Is there a quick and easy way to get this detached drive back into the array?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.