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    BLE Communication




      I'm trying to connect a Microchip RN4677 bluetooth device to the Edison and send data back and forth. I can connect from either the Edison or from the RN4677 using bluetooth classic mode but when I try a BLE scan from the RN4677 it doesnt discover my Edison device.


      I have been following the Intel Edison Bluetooth Guide document section 6.1 (http://download.intel.com/support/edison/sb/edisonbluetooth_331704007.pdf) and I can scan and connect to the RN4677 using bluetoothctl or hcitool, but I just cant seem to be able to discover the Edison from the other way round when scanning from the RN4677 device?


      The other thing I don't understand is when I am connected how to send strings back and forth, I tried using the Gattool as per section 6.2.5 but would I need to create a custom service to do this?


      Any help is much appreciated.