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    Installing OS on 600p (SSDPEKKW128G7X1) - I/O error


      I'm trying to install the OS (ubuntu-gnome-16.04.2 64 bit) in a new SSD Intel SSDPEKKW128G7X1, placed in M.2-1 slot.

      Sistem is composed by a MoBo Asus Prime B250M-Plus and a CPU i3-6100 with 4 gb ram.

      I've set from BIOS Compatibility Support Module:

      Boot from storage devices: UEFI driver first

      Boot from PCI-E expansion devices: UEFI driver first

      Boot device control: UEFI and Legacy OPROM

      Starting from an USB key, the installation routine starts regularly, the SSD is formatted with the EFI partition, the ext4 partition for root etc...

      When system tells: Files copy nearly completed

      I get: Err no.5 - I/O error

      and the process stops.

      I've tried with different USB keys and different Linux distro, but the result is ever the same. So, I think the problem is in SSD or in his configuration.

      Can you help me to understand something more?

      Thank you in advance.