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    NUC i5 with display going blank (NUC5i5RYH)


      Among a few NUC's that I have is this NUC5i5RYH.     I had it in my living room for movie watching.


      However, lately I've had multiple issues with the screen (and sound that comes from the mini-hdmi port) just stops.

      It has happened wile looking at control panel settings, it has happened when watching a DVD.  It has also happened when the PC was sitting idle for a week. 


      I use a mini to regular HDMI adapter and a Samsung TV (Smart DVD - can supply model number if required)


      Looking at a few threads with similar issues, can the support team advise

      1)  Is there are a recommended BIOS and/or Video Driver version that is known to address this

      2)  If related to power output , is there a way to increase this.  Would this happen when watching a video and it just goes blank. Does USB>HDMI solve this?


      Many thanks and looking forward to solving this.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello nada1,


          Thank you for joining Intel® NUC community.


          Before answering your questions I would like to gather more information regarding your configuration and your Intel® NUC, this will help to provide the most accurate answers to your questions. So, please respond to the following;

          • What is your current Intel® HD Graphics graphics version? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.
          • What is your BIOS version?
          • Do you the brand and model of your HDMI cable?
          • What is your RAM brand and model?


          In the meantime I would like to recommend a couple of suggestions in order to isolate this matter;

          • Is there any chance you can test a different HDMI cable?
          • Can you test the DP port and check if the issue persists?


          One more thing in regard to the the USB to HDMI cable, Intel recommends straight connections in order to ensure the communication between the components. So, that cable might and might not work but hopefully with the information requested we can address this matter.




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            Hi Amy,


            Thanks for your message.


            This morning when I went to look at the NUC, the ping from another machine showed "Request timed out"  -- So I went to the NUC and I noticed the power button/light was flashing.  Thinking it was in standby, I pushed the button and now the button is on but the screen is blank and it's not responding to any pings.

            Yesterday, when we were watching something, the screen would appear to flicker,  cut out for a second, then come back on.  It did this about 6-7 times with the longest blank screen/no sound lasting about 5 seconds and then would come back on.


            So right now, I cannot answer the questions because the machine is unusable (no remote desktop, nothing on the screen)


            I will go do a hard shutdown on it as it appears that is the only way to awaken it.

            (after reset)

            Machine is now pingagle am i'm to remote-desktop in.


            The answers to your questions

            1)  Intell HD Graphics 6000 -  Driver version   - Date 7/7/2015

            2) BIOS Version (Just updated yesterday) is



            3) The HDMI cable is a generic one but I have tried multiple. It used to work before flawlessly but now seems to be encountering issues.


            4)  4GB of DDR3



            Lastly,   How can I "test the DP" port.   Am I not using the Display Port to show the image on the screen?

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              If it helps, alongside the random flicker and completely blank display (seems to just hang)    when the PC is left unused for 60 minutes (Sleep timer) it goes to sleep and the blue power button flashes.


              If I press the button, the button stops flashing and goes to solid but nothing on the screen.

              No network connectivity either (no ping)

              No remote desktop


              It's as if it just froze.


              Not sure if the flicker and random turn off is the same issue as the sleep issue.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Thanks for this new piece of information.


                Thanks to your information, I believe I found the source of these issues. Your RAM modules are not compatible with the unit, 1.5 V DDR3 memory modules are not supported. So, I just want to know; is there any chance you can test your Intel® NUC with this type of memory DDR3L-1333/1600 1.35V SO-DIMM?


                I would also like to share with you the following information regarding the system memory for this unit; System Memory for Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RY/NUC5i5RY, over there you will find some part numbers that had been officially validate to work with this Intel® NUC.




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                  I'm not sure what you are advising.  The memory in the system is KVR16LS11/4  which is a 1.35V memory stick, not 1.5

                  Here is a picture inside the system

                  Please advise next step



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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Thank you for that picture.


                    I searched the part number on your second post and it came as DDR3 1.5V, now your pictures showed a different part number that came as DDR3L 1.35V. By any chance, do you have the RAM box? Can you confirm the part number with a different software? Our Download Intel® System Support Utility checks for this information, so please attach the file in order to confirm this.


                    To attach a file, you must click "Use Advanced Editor" in the top right corner of the response box, then the "attach" option will appear in the bottom right corner of the response box.






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                      I do not have the box. I only know that I went to the store and asked for KVR16LS11/4  and was given this. The sticker shows 1.35V


                      here is the requested output of the intel diagnostic tool.


                      Are these lack of wake-up after standby, flickering  video output and complete hanging of the box related to memory voltage?

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        nada1, thanks for the file.


                        In your report, the part number is 99U5469-051.A00LF, and if I search for this number I see places like this one;Kingston 9905428-051.A00LF 8GB (2X4gb) DDR3 1333MHZ Sodimm-lenovo 2 | eBay, where the memory is specified as DDR3 1.5V. l just want to know; is there any chance you can get in contact with the store were you bought the RAM? 


                        Yes, in this case I suspect this could be related to the memory voltage.


                        You can check the part number in the memory details.




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                          the link you provided is for the wrong part number.


                          My sticker shows 1.35V,  the part number is 99U5469-051.A00LF


                          The ebay link you gave is for someone selling 9905428-051.A00LF.   The difference is the 3rd character


                          I can get in touch with the store but they will say the stick says 1.35V and to contact the manufacturer.  Which I have an open case with Kingston.  They said the part number indicates 1.35V  but I have aksed them to check based on serial number and waiting their reply.


                          Is there any other troubleshooting you'd like to check Amy.


                          For example, wouldn't it be wise to look at the Windows logs, hardware events ?

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                            I've spoken to Kingston and they insist the memory I have is 1.35V.



                            So, what is our next step. The sysetm is basically unusable as it stands.

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                              Intel Corporation
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                              Well, thank you very much for clarifying that information.


                              The SSU report you provided has some important information, so with this I will be able to check that and provide more steps.


                              You currently have the latest Intel® HD Graphics driver, and the latest BIOS version. So, now we will need to focus on the hardware, see below for some suggestions;


                              Can you test the other video port? 

                              Is it possible for you to test a different RAM stick?




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                                Hello Amy,


                                I'm glad the SSU has provided important information. Is there nothing you need from the windows support logs to see why the system freezes or doesn't come back from sleep or is that all contained in that SSU utilitiy?


                                Which step do you recommend that I test first.  The other video port or a different RAM stick.

                                Both of these test options are going to cost me money so would like to know which one to target first.

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                                  Hi Amy,


                                  Can you advise on the next steps that I should be doing.


                                  I now have a display port adater to HDMI and not using the mini HDMI. Problem still persists (doesn't awake from sleep,  no network response and blank screen)


                                  As I wrote above, the system was in a working state before (i normally kept it off) but now that some family members are using it more often, they are advising the screen hangs with video and the total system freeze occuring. Basically, the system is unusable.

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                                    Intel Corporation
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                                    nada1, thank you for trying my suggestion and getting that cable.


                                    Please let me review your thread, I will update this as soon as possible.




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