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    NUC6CAYH switch on with Remote not working


      I am using 3 different Nuc with Libreelec 8.0 as HTPC connected with HDMI to TV : DN2820FYKH NUC5PPYH and NUC6CAYH

      All Nucs have the same XBOX360 Media Remote connected

      The DN2820FYKH NUC5PPYH can be switched on with this remote, but not the NUC6CAYH

      The internal CIR is activated and the Remote is working switch off is working and so on but not switch on.

      Latest Bios (29) is installed. CEC is activated, so the Nuc starts when TV gets switch on and when switch off the Nuc, the TV switched off too

      When the CEC is deactivated it is not possible to switch on the NUC (also when its enabled) with the Remote only with the Power-button

      In the Bios i have set to start from S3/S4/S5 via CIR, played around with the settings, but unable to switch the Nuc on with the Remote


      Also the Nuc starts by itself after switch off sometimes, sometime switching the TV also on, sometimes not

      The NUC6CAYH is connected via HDMI with a Toshiba 40XV733G

      Any suggestion what i am doing wrong ?

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