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    NUC5i5RYK Network Device Cannot Start


      I have a NUC5i5RYK, duh.. and the wired network has stopped working for some reason. 


      Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-V

      Device manager states:  This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)

      {Operation Failed}

      The Requested Operation has Failed.


      I tried Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, and Windows 10 Pro.  Both have identical issues.

      I tried Intel's Driver, as well as the built in Microsoft Driver.  Same issue.

      Ive Uninstalled, reinstalled drivers and OS.  Ive changed BIOS to the latest version.


      Wireless is working just fine.


      There is a single solitary green light on the network jack that remains steady regardless of a network wire plugged into it or not.


      Is it dead, Jim?