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    OpenCL support for Intel Iris Graphics 6100 (5th Gen)?


      Hi, I'm trying to find information on OpenCL support for Intel Iris Graphics 6100 (5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors).

      According to Apple, this chipset/GPU supports OpenCL 1.2:



      However, it appears that there's a problem with OpenCL implementation on Intel Iris Graphics 6100,

      As judged by recent performance testing (MacWorld graphic below, 2015 model MBP):


      13-inch MacBook Pro review: Too many tradeoffs | Macworld


      There is Intel data saying that 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors can support up to to OpenCL 2.0:



      However in one implementation (Github issue), there seems to be an issue with the lack of floating point support ("cl_khr_fp64" extension):



      Whether this is a deficiency in the chip, or an intervening software layer (e.g. ViennaCL), I cannot say:



      Any discussion or assistance appreciated!


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