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    Do I need to worry about voltages with Edison/Arduino Connected to Arduino Uno?




      Via rx/tx, I want to connect an

      • Intel Edison kit for Arduino
      • to an Arduino Uno

      I am not using the smaller Intel Edison Breakout Board.


      I have read : https://communities.intel.com/message/415566


      I understand that I will connect

      • Edison's rx (pin0) to Uno's tx (pin 1) and
      • Edison's tx  (pin 1) to Uno's rx (pin 0).


      Question: in my case using the Arduino kit, not the Breakout board, do I need to do anything special with respect to voltages when connecting the rx/tx pins.


      Question: to give them a common ground is it sufficient to plug each of their grounds into the same ground rail on a breadboard or connect the ground pins together on their respective power headers?