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    s2600gz usb boot impossible to install Windows Server 2012


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a server with this motherboard installed ( Intel S2600GZ ). I wiped all the informations on the HDD and recreated two fully new RAID10 , 550GB each one.


      After creation of the RAIDs, il put my freshly created windows server 2k12 boot usb key in, and boot the server.


      I chose this usb key as boot media with F12 Key in the boot screen and install began. After loading RSTE hardware RAID driver, I saw my two RAIDs available but I cannot choose one for installing windows server 2k12.... even in GPT or other kind of partition changed in diskpart. Teh error " WIndows cannot install system on this file system or cannot find a partition to install windows" :-S


      Worse, after trying some other tweaks to install 2k12, I decided to check some BIOS option (UEFI blocking or something)  and I have update the BIOS to the lastest version ( SE5C600.86B.02.06.0005 )


      Now, however I changed some options in BIOS or default parameters, I can boot on my usb key but I only have after booting black screen with little dot blinking on top of the screen. I cannot boot on windows installation program anymore X_X


      Can someone have a miraculous idea to solve my problem ? I make hundred of windows installations each year on multiples plateforms, It's the first time I cant find why I cannot load windows installer


      My boot usb key is completely functionnal, It works in others plateforms I tried.


      Kind regards and thanks for the help.

      Sorry for english mistakes, I'm belgian guy :-)