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    Intel NUC6i5syh freezing every 6-18 hours


      I have this Intel NUC6i5syh that currently runs Windows 10 Pro 1607 x64, that is also fully updated with the latest cumulative update. In addition, VMware Workstation Pro 12.5.2 is installed on the unit and is hosting 5 VMs with 1 core each and 2GB of RAM. The OS currently is running off a samsung 850 evo drive with 32GB of crucial RAM.


      Within 6-18 hours of the NUC's uptime, the NUC will "freeze" at the Windows Login screen. When I try to move the mouse or interact with it using the keyboard, no input is registered onscreen. The only way that I have been recovering from this is to hard reset the device from the physical power button.


      There are no blue screens, no information in reliability monitor, chkdsk reports no issues, sfc /scannow reports no issues and no errors explaining why Windows is freezing in Event viewer. I have also tested my RAM using memtest86+ and it completed three passes with zero errors. This is a replacement NUC unit that I received from a previous NUC that exhibited this same problem.


      Does anyone else have a NUC like mine and experience similar problems? What can I do to fix this?

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello Jeff6289,

          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

          In this case, if Intel already replaced the Intel NUC and the issue persists, most likely the issue is not with NUC itself, another component, device or perhaps a driver is causing the freezing issue.

          I know that you get this problem 6-18 hours of the NUC's up-time, but try to access the system in safe mode and check if you get the same behavior at the moment you access it, the purpose of accessing the system in safe mode is the computer loads the basic files and drivers absolutely necessary to run the operating system.If the system freezes at that moment it is a hardware issue, if not it could be a driver or app causing the issue. This is just in case you get the problem at the moment you start the system is safe mode.

          You can try to run Windows update and make sure all important updates are installed; you can also try reinstalling some drivers to make sure they are correctly installed. You can download the latest drivers for your Intel® NUC here:

          Also, make sure you have the latest BIOS installed, please check F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

          If this does not work and Intel already replaced the NUC, I suggest trying to do a system restore if it is possible or try to use different ram, you may want to check System Memory for Intel® NUC Kits NUC6i3SY/NUC6i5SY

          I hope that can help.

          Best regards,


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            Could you please list the exact specs of the RAM?

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              Hello Ivan,


              Here is the information I have:

              1) When I access the system in safe mode, should I leave it running for the same amount of time, 6-18 hours? Right now, I have tried disabling VMware Workstation 12.5.2 completely off the NUC, to see if it had anything to do with the freezing. When this test is complete and if it still freezes, I will try doing safe mode for 6-18 hours and see if the freezing disappears.


              2) I ran Windows update and currently am up to date. I reinstalled all the NUC drivers from the link you provided.


              3) My BIOS was reflashed and is up to date on version 0057.


              4) My exact specs for the RAM installed in my Intel NUC is attached below:



              Memory Summary For NUCPC
              Number of Memory Devices: 2     Total Physical Memory: 32657 MB (32768 MB)                     Total Available Physical Memory: 30370 MB                     Memory Load: 7%      

              ItemSlot #1Slot #2
              Ram TypeDDR4DDR4
                     Maximum Clock Speed (MHz)1067 (JEDEC)1067 (JEDEC)
                     Maximum Transfer Speed (MHz)DDR4-2133DDR4-2133
                     Maximum Bandwidth (MB/s)PC4-17000PC4-17000
              Memory Capacity (MB)1638416384
              Jedec Manufacture NameCrucial TechnologyCrucial Technology
              SPD Revision1.11.1
              DIMM Slot #12
              ManufacturedWeek 41 of Year 2016Week 41 of Year 2016
              Module Part #CT16G4SFD8213.M16FBCT16G4SFD8213.M16FB
              Module Revision0x00x0
              Module Manufacturing Location00
              # of Row Addressing Bits1616
              # of Column Addressing Bits1010
              # of Banks1616
              # of Ranks22
              Device Width in Bits88
              Bus Width in Bits6464
              Module Voltage1.2V1.2V
              CAS Latencies Supported9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
              Timings @ Max Frequency (JEDEC)15-15-15-3615-15-15-36
                     Maximum frequency (MHz)10671067
                     Maximum Transfer Speed (MHz)DDR4-2133DDR4-2133
                     Maximum Bandwidth (MB/s)PC4-17000PC4-17000
                     Minimum Clock Cycle Time, tCK (ns)0.9380.938
                     Minimum CAS Latency Time, tAA (ns)13.50013.500
                     Minimum RAS to CAS Delay, tRCD (ns)13.50013.500
                     Minimum Row Precharge Time, tRP (ns)13.50013.500
                     Minimum Active to Precharge Time, tRAS (ns)33.00033.000
                     Minimum Row Active to Row Active Delay, tRRD (ns)3.7003.700
                     Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Time, tRC (ns)46.50046.500
                     Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Command Period, tRFC (ns)350.000350.000
              DDR4 Specific SPD Attributes
                     Maximum Clock Cycle Time, tCKmax (ns)1.9001.900
                     Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Command Period, tRFC2 (ns)260.000260.000
                     Minimum Auto-Refresh to Active/Auto-Refresh Command Period, tRFC4 (ns)160.000160.000
                     Minimum Activate to Activate Delay Time different bank group, tRRD_Smin (ns)3.7003.700
                     Minimum Activate to Activate Delay Time same bank group, tRRD_Lmin (ns)5.3005.300
                     Minimum CAS to CAS Delay Time same bank group, tCCD_Lmin (ns)5.3555.355
                     Minimum Four Activate Window Delay (ns)21.00021.000
                     Maximum Activate Window in units of tREFI81928192
                     Thermal Sensor PresentNoNo
                     DRAM Stepping00
                     DRAM ManufactureMicron TechnologyMicron Technology
                     SDRAM Package TypeMonolithic, 1 die, Single load stackMonolithic, 1 die, Single load stack
                     Maxium Activate Count (MAC)Unlimited MACUnlimited MAC
                     Post Package Repair SupportedNoNo
                     Module TypeSO-DIMMSO-DIMM
                     Module Height (mm)3030
                     Module Thickness (front), (mm)22
                     Module Thickness (back), (mm)22
                     Reference Raw Card UsedRaw Card B Rev. 16Raw Card B Rev. 16
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                cvare My RAM specs are posted in post #3.

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                  I know we've had some RAM issues in the past, not necessarily with your model, but it sure would be interesting to know how another pair works if possible.

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                    cvare, I am not able to to try another pair of DDR4 RAM sticks due to the cost it will leave on me. DDR4 RAM is still a bit expensive. I don't have any other DDR4 RAM sticks on hand to try. Is there something else that I can try?


                    I would like to also report that VMware Workstation 12.5.2 has been disabled since 12:45 AM of 2/11/2017, and the NUC has not had any "freezing" issue re-occur since. I have heard from Intel chat support that VMware Workstation is not a supported product to run on top of Windows 10 with the NUC. Could VMware Workstation cause problems like the one I described in post #1?


                    Do you know if Hyper-V is supported by Intel NUC when they were testing the NUC6i5SYH?

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                      Completely understandable Jeffrey.


                      I do not think that Hyper-V is tested, but if it's in the BIOS/supported by the CPU it should work!


                      Let me see what I can find out about what testing was done.

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                        cvare Thanks. I'm curious to know about both Hyper-V and VMware workstation 12.5.2 testing.


                        Also, I would like to report my results so far since I uninstalled VMware Workstation Pro 12.5.2 completely from the NUC. Since the boot time (2/11/2017, 3:06:33 PM) I moved all my virtual machines over to Microsoft's Hyper-V in Windows 10. After doing so and running for a full day, I have not had to restart the NUC once. I am also not getting any more operating system freezing problems. While it might be too early for me to say that the problem is gone, I think VMware Workstation 12.5.2 might have done something to affect the stability of my NUC.


                        I've read a few threads over at VMware forums and this one, including other threads, mention VM hosts freezing with VMware Workstation 12.5.2 on machines that have Intel Iris graphics (like the one my NUC has). Some solutions they suggested involved downgrading VMware Workstation to a previous version, but I didn't want to do that since the older versions had security vulnerabilities.


                        Maybe VMware Workstation was causing my NUC to freeze, but I'm not sure how I could test it other than completely removing it and seeing it I encounter the freezing problem again.

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                          Thanks for the additional details Jeffrey. 


                          I spoke with the testing team and VM is not something that is tested.  However, I will try myself to see if I can get this up and running and test it myself.


                          Can you please let me know what-if any-BIOS changes you have made?

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                            Since I received the replacement Intel NUC, the only changes that I did was flash the 0057 BIOS using the usb method. I left all the BIOS settings at their defaults.


                            Also, this is another day with the NUC running using Hyper-V instead of VMware Workstation. So far, still no freezes, so I am hopeful now.

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                              Me too!


                              Though I still want to test this myself.  If only time weren't so hard to come by...

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                                Jeffrey, I loaded VMWare yesterday and installed Win8.1 and Win10 as VMs.  I haven't done much else, but I'm not experiencing any issues.


                                I'll try to do 5 like you had, but a question about this statement: 'Within 6-18 hours of the NUC's uptime, the NUC will "freeze" at the Windows Login screen.'


                                Does that mean you're rebooting?   Or is it sleeping and you have to log back in when you wake it up?

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                                  cvare What I mean by freezing at the login screen is that, when I realize that my Intel NUC doesn't respond to a webserver request (I am hosting Windows Server 2016 IIS in a virtual machine), I would manually connect a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor with an HDMI cable connecting directly to the NUC to check out the problem.

                                  Upon checking, the Windows Lock screen (or login screen) shows. When I attempt to login (clicking the lock screen to reveal the login form), nothing happens. I can't login. The form never appears. Also, the time shown on the lockscreen is off by 6-12 hours when I notice it. That leads me to believe that the freezing problem happened at whatever time the lockscreen shows.


                                  This requires me to hard reboot the NUC via the power button.


                                  The 5 VMs that I am using are all Server 2016 virtual machines. Some VMs have host-only network adapters and others have dedicated nics directly connected to a network switch via USB ethernet adapters. Dynamically allocated memory is not enabled for the VMs, meaning all these machines were getting full RAM on boot.

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                                    cvare It looks like I spoke too soon. After a week of the Intel NUC being stable and online, it has now frozen again, this time without the ability to see anything on the monitor (no output from HDMI port on the NUC to check for frozen time on the Windows lock screen). This is really frustrating that this happens on this computing unit but not on regular desktop and laptop machines. Why is the Intel NUC very prone to problems that general everyday hardware seem to handle just fine with virtualization?

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