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    Interupt Enabled GPIO Pins?


      I'm doing a project which requires an encoder to be connected to interrupt enabled GPIO pins.  However, I'm unable to find documentation on what pins can have the interrupt enabled.  I did find this post from the past...Number of GPIO pins available as interrupts on Joule  But it does not actually have test results.  I do not have a joule available to test on at the moment so I was hoping the results of such a test could have been posted somewhere.  Does anybody know what GPIO pins can have the interrupt enabled?


      Please let me know.



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          Hello S_Yuki,

          Thanks for reaching out!

          In Joule's documentation it is not specified a list of the interrupt enabled pins. Nevertheless, we know that some of them are indeed compatible with this feature as can be seen in the thread you shared above. From that thread we know that at least pins 51, 53 and 55 are interrupt enabled. 

          If you are using mraa, just like the user on the other thread, I suggest you to contact mraa directly to ask them which of Joule's GPIOs they have enabled for interrupts on their library. Since they had to enable them on mraa’s source, they might be able to provide you the list of pins that support interrupts on mraa. You can contact them in https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/mraa/issues.

          I hope this information helps you,
          Pedro M.