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    Thunderbolt 3 only can trasnfer data


      Hello everyone,   I have an ASUS laptop that has a USB port type-C with the Thunderbolt logo and from ASUS they tell me that it is only enabled to transfer data but not video.  Is this possible? Can you put the Thunderbolt logo and limit its uses?  Thank you,

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello minicloriano,
          This is an ASUS system and I’m not sure the configuration they have done on your computer, I don’t know if your Laptop has been limited with some features but in this case ASUS is your best support and the answer needs to be provided by them.
          You might want to check again with ASUS:
          You can also post in their forum site:
          Thunderbolt™ 3 technology should provide video, you can see more information here:
          You can also take a look to this video:
          However, what is your laptop model and processor model? I can try to look for more information about it.
          Please attach your system information, run the Intel SSU (System Support Utility) (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility): 
          Download Intel® System Support Utility

          1. Download the utility
          2. Run the exe and select ‘Scan’
          3. Save and include as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum
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            Hello Ivan, First of all, thank you very much for your response.


            I will try to explain the situation and forgive my English if they are not as good as I should.


            I bought an Asus ux560ux model that has IR camera, in all the analyzes that I could read it is record that the port usb type-c supports Thunderbolt 3. In the box of the computer comes a small manual of the user where indicates that there are two models, one With IR camera and other without it, the difference between both (according to the manual) is a part of the IR camera, that the first model (with IR camera) has USBtype-c with Thunderbolt output and the other model does not, in the manual You can see as written and also with the symbol of Thunderbolt, another port has what Asus calls Charger +, which serves to make loads fast and also has the symbol of lightning, but different from Thunderbolt.


            A few days ago I contacted the technical service of ASUS, I wanted to know if I could actually use the Thunderbolt port to reproduce on an external screen content from 4K to 60hz and the answer was no, that my model did not have Thunderbolt, so I told them I had it together To USB type-c the symbol of Thunderbolt and they said that that symbol was the one of Chrager +, then I take a photo of the manual and a photo to my computer so that they saw that the symbol was the one of Thunderbolt, the answer that they gave me then is That if it had Thunderbol, but only for data, not for video.


            I was quite surprised, since I miss the official service of two answers so different and they did not know that there are several versions of the same model and also I am surprised that the Thunderbolt port is limited to data and this does not say Asus in no site.


            Send to Asus a link of its own page where it explains how the Thunderbolt port works and as they indicate it supports displayport 1.2, so it should be able to replay content from 4k to 60hz and also request information on where they indicate that some models with Thunderbolt have That limitation.


            Since I asked for this information, I have not received a response from ASUS.


            I want to get an explanation, firstly because I feel cheated and secondly because on the internet the computer is analyzed as it has Thunderbolt and people are buying it thinking that it can be used for both data and video. I also think that if Thunderbolt is a trademark with specific characteristics that have a logo to identify it, manufacturers that incorporate it should not limit it, because in the end it may seem that Intel itself is lying about its characteristics.



            Many thanks for your time,


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              Can you run the System Support Utility and attach the file; you will need to save it in order to attach it. I just want to check the laptop ports.

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                Good morning,


                I do not know how to attach the file, I only see the option to attach videos and images. I leave a link to google drive where you can download it.


                Thank you,


                specs.xml - Google Drive

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                  Hello minicloriano,
                  Thank you for the information.
                  According your Laptop model, your laptop has the following port:
                  1 x USB 3.1 TYPE C port(s)
                  If your computer has Type C port you should get video through that port, after doing some research I was not able to find anything if this can be limited in a laptop, at this point let’s wait for ASUS response to see what they got to say about this laptop.
                  Did you try connecting a TV to that port? You will need a cable USB-C to DisplayPort or USB-C to HDMI.
                  You can check your Laptop specs here: