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    i3-4130T underscan problems continue unaddressed by intel


      I've had this issue for a couple years now and still no fix from intel. I've tried various drivers including the latest and while they've added more settings they don't appear to function properly.


      Similar to many other users (some posted in this forum previously), my desktop expands beyond the margins of my display. I have a Sony TV at 1080i over HDMI. The same problem exists at 720p however the HD Graphics center allows one to refine under/overscan at that resolution. As soon as one tries to go to 1080 those options disappear and the added options of different scaling have absolutely no effect. I've gone through so many posts with recommendations (often links now dead) with no solutions. I've never had these issues with AMD or NVIDIA who's settings work to overcome variant hardware issues. This is an older mainstream SONY BRAVIA 42" flat panel TV which works with other computers, set top boxes, and anything else I throw at it.


      A previous fix recommended by someone (not intel) was to set the scan at the 720 resolution and subsequently the change to 1080 would respect the scan limits however that's no longer the case with the latest drivers. I've been ok for over a year I believe until windows apparently forced some setting and now no matter what I try I can't get the 1080 resolution to stay on the screen. The other TV's mentioned were Samsungs but some people had success with TV settings. The only setting in this TV sets it the other way on 2 levels to combat overscan.


      I could echo the complaints of those before me but I'll just add my discontent. WHY can't Intel fix this bug? It seems as simple as allowing under/overscan settings to work at the 1080 settings but I'm no engineer.